Story Idea - Crime

So, I was thinking about beginning a story where a young woman begins looking into a series of brutal murders in the nineties, as she is a true crime youtuber, (kind of like kendall rae) and a ghost, of what she believes is one of the killers victims has like attached herself to her after she visits her house (or something of a nature, ideas would be loved :slight_smile: )

I was thinking about adding where the crimes spike up again, just like the ones in the nineties. And she is the main focus of them (possibly cause she figured too much out.) This idea is really rough if you couldn’t tell, but I’d gladly take any ideas.

Also – I kinda want to make the victim (she’s a ghost) into a non see through character. It’s not that it’s too much work, it’s just I think it would look better. What are your opinions on that?


I love this idea! Ill definitely read

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Me too I would reads.:upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face: But make sure that it’s yoir ideas or some-thing so that’s it’s not like yoir copy-ing a whole show or movies.


I would definitely read this! I love the idea of a living and non-living person connecting!!

I think having the ghost as a non-see through character is good since they would be more of a main focus (an idea attached to this could be that the mc doesn’t realize that the person’s a ghost at first)

Maybe an idea for the crime spiking up is because the killer was apart of an organization where they did like a kill for a kill thing (I dunno :sweat_smile:)

Either way, it’s still a super cool idea :smiley:

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I have a very rough draft for why the crimes spike up again…it’s just going to spoil the whole thing if I say it here though. But, I think it’s pretty good! :blush:

I love it!
But I think I’d like it better if she was like a reporter or a book writer? I think that would be more professional than a YouTuber :thinking: Just an idea though :smiling_face: I’d read it regardless :tulip:

Another idea, to add some mystery: maybe she doesn’t know the girl is a ghost yet and discovers it throughout the story? Like she sometimes aks herself why is she so pale or why is she always wearing the same clothes or maybe she has some bruises/blood on her.

Also: do you have a title already? :slight_smile:


No, I do not. I’ve pushed this idea to the side as I got a better idea that seems more likely to make me actually want to code it. But, I will actually work on this eventually.

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