Story idea feedback?

Hey I’m Rose, I’m currently working on my first story of episode! I was hoping for some feedback on my story ideas, lately I’ve been scrolling through the episode community forums and i realized how helpful some of you may be when it comes to feedback! Anyways heres the story idea.

-I want to write about a trans MtF girl who struggles a lot with coming out to her parents and her peers.
Eventually she gains enough courage to come out, however it did not go as she planned :(. Her mother cannot accept her and her peers started bullying her. She lost all her friends and her mother left her and her father alone. Her father is accepting of her, and he can’t handle how she’s being treated. Her father decides that he needs to get his daughter away from this negativity, so they move to a town called Brooke Stone. The father hopes to find a new wife and the MC hopes to make friends in this town. What will come out of them moving, Happiness? or Sadness.-

So thats my idea, i got inspired to write it because I’m transgender myself, i want to write a story for people who are LGBTQ or anyone who gets mistreated due to the fact that they are different. I hope you like my idea, if not feel free to give me some feedback (keep in mind some things i said in the summary may change)

                        Thank you! -Rose

Sounds nice!

I WOULD read that.

Yeah, it sounds like a good story plot, but please make sure that when she gets bullied that their aren’t any homophobic slurs or anything like that if that makes sense? Like maybe let’s not have her get bullied for being gay or transgender… I just think that it might send the wrong idea…

I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, like it’s a really good story plot, but I don’t suggest using homophobic slurs or anything like that even if you don’t mean to offend anyone…

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I would totally read it. Just make it accurate

Thank you so much for your feedback, I appreciate it for sure!

I will, thank you for your feedback!

You’re welcome. Just a fellow author helping out :grin:

No problem! Let me know if you need help with anything else as I’m on the forums a lot😂

i’d read it. we need more communities of people to be represented in Episode stories and in media as a whole. i think it’s great and i hope you write it. let me know when youre done. :slight_smile:

let me know when it comes out! sounds good!!

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