Story idea for Creator’s Contest?

I need a story idea for the new creator’s contest, because I’m not satisfied with my current idea.

Pls help!

what is you’re current idea maybe people can help improve the idea right here

I would say but I’m afraid someone might steal it

there is this person called @paris.writes I know that she has some great idea’s so maybe you can ask her?

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Hi! So what idea do you have in your head right now? If you feel uncomfortable about saying it you can pm me instead

I’ll pm you :grin:

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Wrong place to put in your question. If you have any questions about this, you can either pm me, see if any other topics answer you question and if they don’t, make a new topic asking.

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I did know sorry I try to send you picture to about Christian. What he look like

I am not good with this

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