❤️story idea for you ❤️ **I can only give a couple my brain doesn't work that well**

I don’t really know wether this is in the right place but out of no where I came up with a couple ideas for a story, since I’m currently writing my own story I can’t write these.
So I’m giving them to you!

If you would like a different idea just reply, I get new ideas all the time😎

Since most of these ideas come in my dreams or when I’m thinking of random stuff, they probably don’t make much sense.
Obviously you would need to do research for these ideas, they are mostly fantasy story’s but the last one could be considered a mystery/horror.

Idea 1 - My Princess

I don’t know if this story has been done, and you don’t have to use the title I came up with but the idea is…
Basically based off of the Disney movie ‘Descendants’ but I’ve switched it up.
there are no good and bad side and everyone is peaceful, villains, princes, Princesses and heroes.
but the bad guys of the story are:

  • Goblins
  • Demons
  • Ghosts
  • Harpies
  • Sirens (I switched it up a bit and thought of sirens made of fire there weaknesses is water)
  • Chernabog (was the main antagonist in Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria)
  • Hades (was in the movie Herclues)

I don’t really have a plot for it but I guess that’s up to you!

Idea 2 - Death At It's Finest

Again I don’t know if this story has been done or not but its a story about the hour horse men and a prophecy.
In this story Famine and death/plague are twins and the each have a should soulmate, the prophecy is once one of the brothers marry their soulmate they rule over hell.
a plot twist for this could be the angels try to take them down (instead of angels being the good guys there really the bad guys.)
the four horseman are:

  • Conquest
  • Plague (can be called death from what I know)
  • War
  • Famine
Idea 3 - A Cruel World

like said before idk if this has been done, but this story is about an angel.
In heaven every couple centuries angels are sent down to earth, their memories are erased and sent purely for the intention of lighting up others lives. ( I wrote a brief description of the story in google docs ages ago so this is it)
Dior is an angel, every couple centuries an angel is sent to earth to brighten others lives but when that happens angels memories are taken from them. On Diors 20th birthday she is invited to one of the most exclusive parties in her small town as a guest of honor, then her night takes a hell of a turn she is unable to let her guard down scared of her life fast ford, when she gets another letter of the same style she worries, she terrified of what she might see or what there intentions. The person sending the letters is [up to u] but goes by the name dee [again up to u] .

If you use these ideas, make sure to credit me, also if this flops and like 2 people see it…
You never saw me here :weary: (I guess this is a flop, you didn’t see this)


Lol I like these! I have like 3 other ideas in my head, but maybe another time!

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