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I know for me especially I usually get burnt out working on one project and desperately look for some inspiration for a new one so I decided to make this thread so you can share story ideas you are either not interested in any more or think is beyond you coding or storytelling wise and help your fellow writers! You can even ask for advice on how to progress your story or how to add that extra oof to you story idea.


Hello i was wondering if u could help me with my story line for a story that i’m making cause I don’t know what the ploy should be. The only things that i have and idea for are the characters and their names. In the story the main character is a secret agent and somehow meets another secret agent while she is on a mission but i’m not quite sure how they meet yet, and the guy that the MC meets actually ends up being a Therianthrope (a person who has the ability to turn into an animal) and then they fall in love and have a kid. But that’s all i can think of and i’m having a lot of trouble coming up with how they met and what the actual plot should be. Could u pls tell me ur opinion and any ideas if u have any, that would be a real help! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hey! Even I don’t know what to make the plot as.

In my story, the LI is a gangster and the MC is a simple and innocent girl. And you’ll must have figured out what the rest of the story’s gonna be like.

So if anyone has any ideas, please do help me🙏

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As of now, that is a very cliche story, and there already many stories out there exactly like yours. (I’m so sorry if i sounds rude! That’s not my intention. :sweat_smile:)

Try to make it your own by adding unique ideas. Maybe the girl used to be a gangster but left that life, or maybe the LI wants to live a “normal” life or is has to run away because people are chasing after him (for some reason).

Good luck with your story! :two_hearts:

Just something to remember: The problem with those kinds of stories is that they unfortunately glamorize and romanticize the mafia, gangs, drugs, toxic LIs, abusive relationships, unhealthy communication, etc. You should check out some threads about romanticization of the mafia and stuff like that. It’s a big issue unfortunately on Episode.

Hi. I need help with a pilot. I am currently writing a situational comedy about twins. technically i already created the story but i wanna revamp season 1 episode 1. in season 1, the twins are still in high school, but in season 2, they graduate and enter college.

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