Story idea? Help

Okay I’m making a vampire story and I need a little help
Sooo the main character “you” basically
Is going to live with 6 brothers but unknown to her they are vampires
What u need help with is why she is going to live there in the firest place
I’m totally stumped lol
Please help

You can do something like this

In the beginning she is being drive by a driver, they are making some sort of conversation on where she is going then she is at the place where she wants to go, she steps out of the car and the car leaves, a sound of wind went through her making her cold. and then she takes a deep breath and enters the house bravely

lol hope this was useful though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It was helpful but I don’t know a good enough reason to make her stay in a house full of 6 vampire brothers

What’s MC age supposed to be?

Maybe she has getting broke and needed somewhere to live? :thinking:

I don’t know 16 17 maybe

I thought of that but I wanted to see other reasons too lol

Maybe something like this

they got separated by their parents and never got to see each other, but then she decided to pay them a surprise visit

Well, if she still in that school age bracket, perhaps the vampire family are friend of her parents and she has to stay with them because her parents are going on holidays and don’t want her to miss out on school. Or maybe she was a really bad kid so they send her to stay with them to straighten her out?

Hmm mm maybe I’ll have to mule it over lol

I don’t know about the later but the first isn’t bad

I think the second one I suggested is a bit too cliche in my opinion. But I guess they both still give her valid reasons to be living there

LOL I though you meant that they were her brother

No no lol 6 brothers live there now and are vampires and she hasn’t met them before

I don’t know :thinking:

You can do something like this

She was being chase by some bandits trying to take her money, she was being stumbled a pond a creepy house, the bandits were close on catching her but she then decided on going inside the creepy house. The bandits then ran away (saying that they know what’s inside) making the girl relief. She then knocks on the door making a hollow noise, the door starts to open slowly then a person starts to appear dear fully

Hope this help again lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hmmmmm maybe lol
Thanks again