Story Idea Help?


I am trying to write my 1st story on episode. I have been trying random story ideas to practice learning the coding. But now I am lost at what idea to write. I really would appreciate anyone’s opinion. So I have 2 story ideas I want to write they will both be romance. I will leave a short description below. I do not have names for the story idea yet.

Story Idea #1
MC’s mother is sick with cancer (idk which type yet) she has to take care of her younger sister and brother. As well as work 2 jobs to help provide income for the family. On top of all that she is a college student. Talk about STRESS! Her best friend sees her struggling and tells her that the strip club she works for is hiring and how much money she makes a night. So long story short MC after pushing the thought off, finally realizes that she needs a way to earn more income because she is past due on rent and her mother needs better treatment. She becomes a stripper. Then she meets the love interest and must hide her job from him. As you can see where this story is going I have this plot more developed but don’t want to give the story away.

Story Idea #2:
MC and her best friend (boy) have been friends since 1st grade. Best friend has an older brother and MC has had a crush on older brother since the 7th grade. And those feeling have only intensified through the ages. She thinks the older brother only sees her as a little sister. Little does she know he have been crushing on her as well. Both too afraid to act on things in fear of rejection and what the brother/best friend would do. So long story short as I don’t want to give the story plot away. The story would be about them finally admitting their feelings towards each other and keeping it a secret from the best friend/brother.

Please let me know which story you would be more interested in reading. I would appreciate anyone’s honest feedback. Thank you.


I think the second one is more my type of a story, but the thing is that I would maybe like to make the little brother have a crush on the MC so they’d fight over her and she has to choose which one she wants.Also maybe make things a bit complicated, add drama , maybe the big brother has a girlfriend which loves him truly and maybe she could be pregnant (too complicated tho lol :joy:) (also check out my ‘wanna be in my story’ post if u want :grinning:)


I really like the 1st story idea!

Both are great though.


Ok thank you I will keep that in mind! I like the idea of the Bestfriend/younger brother having a crush on the MC. :grin:


cool! np!:grinning:


Thanks! I just don’t know which one I should start writing! I have the story idea #1 more planned out.


Number 2 gets my vote


I love them both!!


Yeah I decided to work on that first. Just looking around for some backgrounds! So I can start writing the first episode!


Yes! I will write both actually. I choose to write story idea number 2 first. But I will eventually write story idea number 1. :blush:


I like 1. Idkau, but 2 sounds really cliche.


Yeah one is a great idea. I like both episodes ideas. And I know it’s bad but I really want to write a cliche story! :joy: