Story idea i have


So I’m writing this story called “Stripping Through Twin Fangs” I know cliche. The girl starts her first day in college can’t pay for it after her parents stop paying then gets a job as a stripper and runs into vampires later on. I wanted to enter it in College days when its done but can I enter it if it has curse words, some mature seens (like getting bit by a vampire ect). Will it get banned I know they said Pg 13 but is this okay or no?


If it does not fit into PG13 it is not allowed on the Episode platform. I suggest to change a few biys so its PG13. College days is a good contest to put this story in!


It will fit pg13 :sweat_smile: just wondering mainly about curse words do I bleep them out? Or is it fine the rest i pretty much know about


I guess a few but like if there repeated over again being used it could get removed.


No they aren’t used much. Thank you for the help!


Curse words or not I would like to read it when its published .
It sounds like a good plot line.