Story Idea? (i'm so bored I can't)

So I randomly put some things together because I’m currently working on a story that revolves around the royal family.

So here’s what I got.

Valerie is a very uptight and free-spirited girl. Her best friend, Mel, attends another high school but they manage to keep their friendship connected. Valerie has a huge intake on politics and is not afraid to share her opinions. Conflict rises when Mel finds out her uncle is the King and his eldest son, Prince Johnathon Patrick (JP), and his youngest daughter, Princess Angeline, will be attending Mel’s high school. Valerie took the moment to call out Prince JP for his selfish behaviour, not caring about his people and using women as toys. This act causes Valerie to be despised by the Press but admired by JP. Valerie is then taken aback when she notices a change in JP’s behaviour, volunteering in communities, asking questions to educate himself etc. As Valerie slowly starts falling in love with JP, the Press does whatever it takes to remove Valerie.

I wanted this to kinda be like a symbol of rebellion against the royal monarchy.


As long as the story doesn’t hurt any particular race/status of people it sounds like a wonderful idea :))


I like it!


thank you! and of course! I always think before I publish :)))


thank you!

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It’s sounds like a good story

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