Story Idea, Need Advice!

So, I want to incorporate two love stories in my story, but they are both from different times. The first one is a rodeo sports medicine medic and a bronc rider, then the second is a couple like Bonnie and Clyde (but I want to do a robin-hood criminal couple.

The ending I have a literal such good idea, but I do not want to spoil it, but it is VERY good. Yet, I don’t know how I would incorporate two love stories in my story, but I would really like too.

What is the genre of the story you are planning to write? If you are planning something that is scifi or fantasy, there are many ways you can incorporate those ideas into your story.

It’s romance. I was thinking though, when the bronc and medic go on a date, I could do something like a glimpse of the Bonnie and Clyde couple.

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