Story Idea needed, please choose!

Hi guys, I’m making a new story and here are the few ideas I have for it.

Main summary; It’s about 6 rich friends at a rich highschool, ofcourse this will cause problems and you get to see them.

Idea A. The 6 friends each have their own problems, and you will read along on how they deal with it, and if it ends well. (No suicide or anything.)

Idea B. The 6 friends are all in a Mafia which the MCs father is the leader of. Follow them along on a road of enemies to lovers, drugs, weapons and more. (Not standard Mafia things as I’ll turn around this whole idea.)

And if you could give me a story name for each idea, or one of them, that would be good!! Thank you!

  • Idea A
  • Idea B

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Idea B sounds a bit cliche, tbh…

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Yeah, I figured as Mafia is a bit overrated, but tbh I love writing about mafia stories but also highschool issues, thats why I put both ideas

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Why don’t you make they 6 high schoolers and they stumble upon them and they get thrown into a life of crime

That’s also a good idea! Ty

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Idea A seems simpler in terms of knowledge, if you want to make a Mafia story (Idea B) you probably must have a deep understanding of how it works to avoid plot holes, and make it as close as possible to reality so people can relate and feel the story(Which is a challenge in itself), Idea A sounds more open and you can’t be too wrong in that story, since it’s your story, your world, your logic, it doesn’t have to be too close to how society works in real life. Both ideas have it’s own challenge, but while you can find inspiration from similar stories in Idea B, you need to have deeper understanding about that. Idea A, you need to use more “brainpower” to create the story, since the story you write will come from you and not based on anything specific yet. Of course you can still find inspiration from others, but that’s generally what I think about those. Hope this help!

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Thank you!

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