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Alright so for the past few days I’ve been thinking of two new story ideas, but I don’t know how to start them and how to create the outfits for the second idea.

  1. The story follows a girl names Scarlett who goes by Scar. She’s a hired assassin who secretly enjoys her job. I want her to be a villain and unlikeable, yet the reader is still hoping and rooting for her to become better. I’d see her personality somewhere close to Bojack from Bojack Horseman. Another thing is that for the first chapter I don’t want the reader to know she’s a female in the first chapter. They’d find out in the end, and up until that point we would be seeing things from her perspective.

  2. The second story is about a society divided by hair color. Each color has a different set of jobs, ranking, and powers. For example, Whites are the highest and help uphold the rules throughout the society. Reds are second and are usually the politicians, lawyers, and therapists. The main character is a Red and she unexpectedly meets a green, the lowest of the colors. The story title is supposed to be When Two Lines Meet . I’m having issues decide if I should make the colors only wear their hair color, or clothes that go with their ranking and jobs.

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I think I prefer the first option with the assassin stuff. I love Bojack horseman. However with your first episode idea, I’d probably get bored of not knowing who this person is - just my opinion though. But I think it would be a good idea for one (or a few) scene(s) in the beginning and then revealing that they’re female as a way to grab the readers attention towards the beginning. I also feel that with the first option, it would be easier to include lots of different elements in it. For example, comedy, drama, romance, action, mystery. If you chose the second idea, I’d be sure to make it super realistic and make sure everything in that world/society fits together and is how people would actually act in those circumstances.
Also like the first option more because stories with villains as main characters are more interesting (to me at least) as it shows the other side of the story. You could also add a role model assassin who everyone adores but is secretly a bad person (like superman in Megamind) :slight_smile: Anyways, thanks for reading - hope it helps.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate the feedback. I plan on making both stories eventually, but I just wanted to see how people felt about them and what they would suggest when it comes to starting them.

You could do that after it is revealed that the MC is female, you can make a cool, advanced intro after and use it in the beginning of every episode. Also use overlays as something I noticed with assassin stories is that the ones with good use of overlays are better as they are more realistic :slight_smile:

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That first one would be nice to read!

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I like both stories. But as most stories on episode, the MC is female. You could go along with your idea of hiding the gender but change the sex to male?? Just an idea to surprise the reader as they will be expecting a female main lead.

As for the second you could try to get inspiration from your areas hierarchy. See how people of different status react to other people depending on whether the opponent is higher or lower in the ranking. In other words what I mean is try to think about how a white head treats a red head and vice versa and do that amongst all your colours.

P.S. I think it would be more interesting if you were to not limit their clothing to their colours. I think that would make it harder on yourself as there aren’t many green and pink clothing.

But at the end of the day the choice is still yours!! Happy directing!!


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