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Hi everyone! Out of the 2 million ideas I get very few of them are actually good. This is one I thought actually had a plausible chance of making it to the writer’s portal. Here’s the short summary:

She’s the town’s golden girl. He’s a Class A nerd. The only thing in common? They live in the same town. However, she’s been living in the same loop, on the same day for almost 2 years. Her life is perfect and she’d be perfectly happy living the same day forever. But when an angel visits her and tells her to make him fall in love with her, will all that change?

I know there’s room for improvement, but is the main idea good? Would you read it?

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Thx for the tag, overall i think u got the idea form a recently released movie, but the idea itself, can’t say it’s bad, just make it your own. :blob_hearts:

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What movie? I don’t watch movies a lot :joy:

I love the idea! The only thing is… now that we all know good girl + badboy is cliche-y, a lot of authors have been trying out new things, so your idea is a little cliche now too… I don’t even know what “cliche” means anymore :thinking:

I would still read it though :slight_smile:


Yeah, I always try to avoid good girl/badboy, but really everything romantic is cliche now, so I just go with the flow. :woman_shrugging:


I don’t really think I’d read it.
I’m not into Romance.

The first two sentences did turn me off.
She’s the town’s golden girl. He’s a Class A nerd.
Yeah, sounds cliche.

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