Story Idea Pitch- Constructive Criticism Needed :)



Hi all,
I’ve been a reader in the episode community for a few years. However, I feel like starting my own story and could use some opinions on my story line before I start writing.

My Idea:
In the USA, there was a war that wiped out the country except for a few. These survivors create a new way of living in the country in order to avoid another war. In this improved country, each person lives in a territory based on their astrological sign and are only allowed to marry people based on your astrological sign. So for example, if you were born in October, you are a libra and you would live with other libra’s in your own, secluded part of the country, away from people born as leo’s, cancers, aquarius’, etc. You would only be able to fall in love with another libra.

From here I have two ideas, but I am leaning towards the second:

  1. you find out that your best friend or sibling is not actually a libra which means they cannot live with you anymore and you have to hide them/run away from the government
  2. your parents arrange a marriage between you and a guy that you hate. you run away and fall in love with a guy/girl of a different astrological sign. So for example, you’re a libra but you fall in love with a capricorn, which is forbidden by the government.

The rest of the story would most likely involve defeating or changing the government.

Any feedback, concerns, complaints, etc. are welcome :)))))


I think this is good!! It’s definitely got a bit of a “Divergent” vibe to it, so make sure your story stays original but I like it!

There are a few things you’d have to work out, like:

  • Do parents purposely try to have kids at the right point in the year? If so, how?

  • If they don’t, are the kids taken off them immediately? When they reach a certain age?

  • How separate/different are these communities? I assume they have different healthcare and other systems? Are some significantly better than others? Are some astrological signs viewed as ‘better’?

  • Is the ‘government’ mixed? Or is it one group? Is the MC gonna have to overthrow the libras or something for example? :joy:

But yes! I would 100% read this.



OMG! This idea is SO original! I haven’t seen anything like it before, even outside Episode! I hope that, whenever you release your story, it will get a lot of reads and recognition!


i think you should do the siblings one… arranged marriage is so overused on episode, and your story is so unique!


@CordeliaM wow! Thank you so much for your feedback!! I am huge fan of dystopian novels/stories so this idea was partially inspired by divergent :slight_smile: I think you make really good points and I appreciate you taking the time to give feedback.


@Huwayda_A.Z thank you! I am SO bad at script writing, but I’m trying to practice it so that I can start this story. I appreciate your feedback!


@theother51 I think you’re SO right!! I am a bit of a hopeless romantic though. Perhaps I can fit a romantic aspect in the story elsewhere without the cliches :slight_smile: thanks


Of course! I also love dystopian stories so this is definitely something I would read! And I agree with @Huwayda_A.Z that it’s totally original and will deserve a lot of recognition! Let me know where you go with this idea, I’d love to hear more about it.


maybe make the mc become romantically involved with the best friend? it’s cliche, but it won’t overwhelm the plot.


Hmmmm i really like that idea… feeling super inspired now. Thank you angel :heart:


good luck!


Ahh thank you thank you thank you!!


This idea sounds really good. If it were on the Episode App, I would definitely read!

Anisha Xx


Wow, Thanks!! I’m still trying to get a hang of script writing but I hope to publish soon :slight_smile:




I think you could do both. It would give MC double the reason to run away and your chaoters would have double the content


Hmmmm I actually like that idea. I might give the MC a different reason to run away since arranged marriage is cliche. Thanks girl!


You’re welcome :wink:


This is a great idea! I like it!


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