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So I wanted to write a short mafia story without having any enemies/ people whose obsessed with MC:girl !
But do you like these kind of story with only romance and less drama!

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I’m okay with mafia sometimes, I just don’t like when they romanticize how “hot” the mafia is

But it’s your story :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your honest opinion :blob_hearts:
But do you like when there is more drama?

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Less drama is alright as long as the story has an interesting plot, and it needs to have some sort of problem-and-solution… because if it doesn’t it can get a little boring.

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Thank you!

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I guess that sounds cool. I don’t think mafia stories are great for “only romance and less drama” type stories. The mafia, by nature, has a lot of “drama.”

Being completely honest, I probably wouldn’t read this story since I’ve recently promised myself to try my best to stay away from reading any mafia stories that contain any form of romance between the MC and someone in the Mafia (Leader or Member) only because they end up romanticizing the mafia in some way or another. That sort of story makes young people think it’s okay to be with criminals and those relationships in mafia stories tend to have LIs that are either controlling/toxic/too dangerous/creepy/several of the listed or some thing similar. A lot of these stories represent mafias so wrong that it can be too toxic to read (the reader being so young, wouldn’t be old enough to understand and notice the toxicity though) (:

I won’t name the story or author so if u know the story/author I’m about to use as an example, don’t reply with their name/title since I’m talking about a story ‘that will not be named for author privacy reasons’ =

There is a story on episode (quite popular but that’s besides the point). Its a mafia one and it has a romance between a mafia leader and a girl who’s hiding from her ex. At one point in the story, the girl sleeps with one of the members and the leader fumes and turns to using a little violence towards the member even though the leader and girl are not in a relationship at all. At another point, the girl wants to leave the house and the conversation goes something like (I can’t remember the whole conversation but you’ll recognise what I’m taking about if you’ve read this story) =
Him: ‘Your not leaving’
Her: ‘I want to go back to my apartment! You can’t stop me from leaving’
Him: ‘I can and I will.’
Her: ‘How?’
Him: ‘Consider yourself kidnapped’ (If a LI saying this isn’t toxic then idk what is since people shouldn’t be told by partners when they can/cannot leave somewhere)
Then the author proceeds to show romantic scenes even after the leader was just controlling/toxic.

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Thank you :blob_hearts:

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Thank you :blob_hearts: I love this story but yeah thats kind toxic Is this the same story where she left and her ex abused her?

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Here’s a little more detail on what part I think your talking about =

She left the leader only to get kidnapped by her ex

He abused her into thinking the mafia leader LI was the one abusing her

Eventually, leader came & ‘rescued’ her and she went to hospital

Then there’s an art scene of the MC & LI in a hospital bed with her all bruised and (u get the point)

At some point she wakes up still under the illusion that the leader was the one abusing her and they make up with each other later on, go on to get engaged then married etc…

Oh yeah thats the same story!

Yup (:

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