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I thought it’d be fun to ask which story idea sounds the best :eyes:

Also these are directly from my google docs which is why my weird sense of humor is injected into everything.

Genres are sorted in order of what I think fits best based on what I’ve written/thought of for scenes!

WT: Symptom


Society unravels quickly under the threat of a deadly consuming virus (disease? mutation? we’ll get there.) This isn’t really fleshed out, I only have pretty purple narration: “Society was brought to ruin by an uncontrollable spreading fire. The world was torn apart from fever—so why weren’t we?” .

Probably a male/female MC option. Maybe romance? Varying ages. As for choices I think it’d be interesting to have panic management / leadership points just as an important part as survival.

WT: Cavities


The premise: Major themes would revolve around perseverance and identity. I know what you want instead of an actual description, more prose. “Cavities poked at the edges of my smile but I still looked at you – they bled when you said yes.”

Leaning? male MC. No romance. 99% chance it won’t be on Episode because of certain scene ideas. Mhmmm probably college age or somewhat older. Some choices in this would matter but others would play into the situation of the story and be meaningless.

WT: Bound

(dark fantasy/horror/sci-fi?)

The premise: Werewolves but they were created through genetic experimentation and they’re an extremely vicious species that has decimated the human population, the weakness to their current power structure? Mates.

Probably a male/female MC option. Could be romance, that’s right – stick it to those werewolves by kissing and not dying. Also might not be on episode – whoops? Age? Who knows? Maybe it’s a coalition of grannies hunting werewolves so they can have fur blankies. Panic management would also be good for this, mainly the choices would affect how successful either side is.

WT: Distortion

(horror, thriller, mystery? it’s a genre for sure.)

Description so far: Alethia Hope Laurel, an aspiring journalist, experiences a reality bending event called a “distortion” seemingly at random until she meets the man she’s meant to interview. Elijah Grey, an elusive writer with a clock that never ticks and secrets written between the lines.

Potentially both male and female MC (Alethia or Elijah) but more likely just female, depending on their finalized backstories. Probably no romance. For them to have successful careers I’d imagine they’d have to be at least late twenties: I’ll have to research functional adults before writing. Not sure about what choices this one would have yet.

  • Symptom

  • Cavities

  • Bound

  • Distortion

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Omg I would totally read Bound. I don’t read stories with the werewolf trope bc the whole alpha and mate thing is personally not for me, but if it’s like a science experiment gone wrong, I would give it a try. I haven’t seen this idea explored on Episode before and I think adding horror elements would bring something new to the table. Your idea is so unique and it piqued my interest the second I read the description!


Same. Like the concept and it’s unique from the typical werewolf story.


Thanks so much for the response! I agree, alpha/mate thing doesn’t really interest me anymore (barely teenage me could never) I think of it now as a weird soulmate trope mixed with traditional gender roles. I haven’t fully developed the idea or how technologically advanced I want the society to be — but currently I’m planning for it to be experimentation gone wrong. I feel it makes the most sense as an explanation of why they both exist without it being another world.


That and they don’t even exists within wolves which is even more infuriating.


I’ve heard before that the guy that popularized the “alpha wolf” tried to stop it later on, have to say it didn’t work out too well… :joy:

I’ll definitely have to think about what I what “mates” to be in my story, if they’re genetically compatible/linked somehow. Thank you for sharing your opinion! It’s very interesting to see the results

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You’re welcome.

Yeah he did try to course correct after later realizing that the wolf pack were actually a family (made of the mother, father and their children. From Wikipedia: Wolves are monogamous, mated pairs usually remaining together for life. Should one of the pair die, another mate is found quickly.) but it was too late.

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Let me know if you plan to publish it! The other story descriptions sounded interesting as well and I would also read Symptom and Distortion since horror and thriller are my favorite genres. Good luck with your stories :relaxed:

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