~ Story Idea Thread = Come here when you are stuck! ~

Hi everyone,

I decided to make a story idea thread to help y’all out. If you are ever stuck on a basic plot of your story, have writers block or anything else, just come here.
{I’m not sure if this is in the right category, I just think that this would be a resource.}

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Share your random idea/plot twist here. Just leave a suggestion and if you are ever in need of help, make your way here. We could also be positive and leave helpful messages such as "You’re an amazing author, don’t let writer’s block get to you!"


“MC has a normal life until someone comes and turns it around.”

“Opposites attract but different? : e.g: cashier and customer, criminal and police officer, manager and receptionist.”

“MC has casually gone for a jog and finds herself/himself falling down a hole and into a mysterious land with fairies and wizards.”

Basically, just give a random idea and maybe a peer could develop that idea into a whole story.

I hope you find this thread helpful! :sparkling_heart:

Anisha Xx


This will be so useful! Thanks @episode.anisha!! :heart:

Story Idea (credit to @CordeliaM ):

MC goes on a trip to Hawaii after she finds out she’s LGBT and her family and friends don’t react the way she would’ve liked (they reacted badly). She finds love in Hawaii - girl or boy.

I’m not sure where to go with it. It just seemed like a really good idea and would have an important message! If you can help me plan this story (no more than 5 episodes) PM me or comment below. I hope to find some help here! :blush:

Winter xx


I’d love to help! Do you have any details planned out?


Wow! I didn’t expect a reply so fast! Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Not really. All I know is she’s a girl, 16-20 years old, has a sister. Not really any other details. I only got this idea yesterday from CordeliaM. PM me. :wink:

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bumpingg to help others ~~

anyone have any plot twists or anything like that?

Maybe have them falling in love with someone and their own lover turns on them or they go on a quest to save a family but it turns out they formed a posse with their former “kidnapper” or something like that. Idk. I was thinking of incorporating it to my story :joy:

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Sounds cool!!


I had an idea, but I have no clue what to do with it :sweat_smile:

a couple are formed, but when their friends and family are kidnapped one by one they search for the person responsible and it brings them closer together yet pulls them apart at the same time, in the end they find their family and friends the kidnapper turns out to be a crazed ex and they get married! :blush:


That story sounds interesting! Xx

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