Story Idea - Video Game Type

So, I have yet another story idea - but I don’t know how to go about it. I want it to be a military/action story where the main character is in a group of people who are like ranks with her, but I think I want to make it a video game type where the main character gets transported with her friend to the game which will be a military action game (sort of like Call Of Duty) where it follows a storyline. What are everyones opinions on that? Should I just make it a story about the military group or should I make it about a the two girls getting transported to the video game? Is there anything I should add?

(sorry for the word wall :sweat_smile:)
I like the video game idea!

I’m not sure if you want them to be in the military before hand, in that case you could write it as her and a group are testing out a newly developed virtual training (aka video game) and during it they realize they can’t exit the game or get transported some way.

I think it’d also be cool if they weren’t in the military beforehand and were just advent gamers. Being transported to a military/action game would be cool since they aren’t familiar with being in the military.

For the “game”, I think it’d be cool to do like a huge war (ww13 or something idk) and to have it in a futuristic period with more advance weapons. (Or maybe like aliens since that’s common in first person shooter games.)

If you want more specifics or come up with more details, I’m always happy to elaborate the idea : )


I do like the alien idea! :slight_smile: And, I think I just want them to be gamers whenever they have the time to do such. If you ever have any ideas, just let me know! :blush:

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