Story idea & writing partner?

So, i have tried coming up with stories before and failed, but i think this could work. As a person who has OCD, i thought i could make a story that stems off that. MC has obsessive compulsive and it becomes a major character flaw. theres so much more to it but i thought i would share the very basic stuff. Thoughts? and if anyone would like to help with coding that would be great

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I think that any topic has the potential for an interesting, captivating, inspiration, or heartfelt story if written correctly (so yes, I think that this has good potential). However, there are a few things I believe that you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure you be mindful of how you refer to people’s situations. I’m not sure if OCD being called a “flaw” is offensive to certain people, but I suggest reading or asking about topics like these so that you can avoid it. Of course, as a main factor in your story and your character’s life, they may interpret this differently. They may see it as a “flaw” that holds them back and them combatting that belief may even be the main conflict or drive of the story. This is perfectly fine. Just keep in mind how your audience will perceive your writing.

  • If this is the main focus of the story, you’ll need to make sure that you show, and not just tell, how it affects the character’s everyday life.

  • While a character may be greatly influenced by factors such as OCD, don’t make their whole being revolve around it. Basically, make sure that they have a personality. While character’s personalities may change based on their situations and actions change based on how they interpret those situations, they need to be more than just an embodiment of it.

  • Make sure to show the character’s progress throughout the story. Other characters, experiences, and choices open the character’s eyes to new perspectives and possibilities and will influence them throughout the story. While the changes may be subtle, you may want to outline how they will adapt overtime. For example, after a decently long period of time, you may challenge the character with an pretty important choice. How they respond will be a clear sign of their progress from the beginning of the story and other choices they have made. Overall, try to avoid directly stating that the character has made progress and instead show it.

I hope that these tips are helpful. I’m a little too busy to help you with the coding, but if you need any help, feel free to ask. I wish you luck with your writing.