Story Idea :)))


You’re a black girl in the 1950’s. You were teleported to the 50’s from 2019 because you were colorist and racist to your own kind by the Great Mother, Gene. She sent you there for a week to feel how bad it feels to be mistreated and ignored because of the colour of your skin.
Gene did not literally time travel you, it’s still 2019 but you’re in a place where everything’s being reenacted.

Gene did not want to believe that you were being offensive at first because she thought you were a lovely girl, until she spied on you. I plan to make this somewhat a fantasy story.

Should I write this in Limelight or Ink? And also, is this an okay topic for Episode?


Ink and I would read it!!!


Limelight. Sounds interesting I’d read it!


I’d love to hear some titles for the story too, tysm!!


always Limelight! that’s the platform that’s going to be updated moving forward and girl, yessss i would read it. hurry up and write it so i can read it.

i have a question though, when you say shes not actually going back in time its just being reenacted, do you mean its gonna be 2019 and Gene changes it current life to be like it was back in the 1950s? Just checking to make sure I understood it right.

Also, poodle skirts! :heart_eyes: i know we dont have them on Episode but there are good enough equivalents. i’m excited, hurry up! lol and what’re you gonna call it?


hahha thanks so much! im not sure what im gonna call it. and by reenact i mean it’s still 2019, but Gene teleported her to a special place where it can basically mimick any time in history


oh cool. kinda like a parrallel universe?


ye kinda


Ink but this is more like From 1958 but reversed


really? oh no i dont want to be accused of copying someone


I think it sounds like a great idea! and everybody has done something that has been done before, as long as its your own thing an not copying anyone, i think it will be okay! It sounds really interesting tbh! Its why i like to read stories on episode, for ones like this! And im too new to say limelight or ink, but im writing my first story rn and i started in ink, so i couldnt change! But my next one i want to limelight, just because its newer and looks betterish, but it could be harder to edit some stuff in LL maybe? Idk, i like the idea though :)!


You should name your story that that would be a great story name. And let me know when you write it because I would love to read a story like that !:grin:


Title; Racism or not? And i think Limelight would be the best choice