Story ideas <3. New story incoming

Does anyone have ideas for my story that i’m going to write?

What genre+?


a princess flying with a flamin sword yelling “GIVE US SOME DETAILS YOU FOOL”

you know its really hard to help when we got no idea what you need help with



Your lesbian-- well you think you are. You’ve never really had that spark with men like the other girls did. When you get a new job at Marshalls Co, it’s all going well, that was until the new girl walked in. There is something about her that you just love. The problem, she isn’t into girls…


@Rose05 try @AMagic’s or these I have:

Genre: Action
1] I’ve never been the smartest or the strongest. But, I have always been the most powerful even if not everybody knew about my powers. I grew up in a city called Ladytron which is built near an important tomb and is known for being the home of a great hero.

Genre: Drama
2] Where I live my parents decide who I marry. I have to be married by 16. My father found this boy he would like me to marry named Antonio. While my mother has found a different boy named Noah. And without their knowledge, I had found myself a boyfriend. But my boyfriend will be kicked out and banished from ever seeing me if they find out about him. And without my parent’s consent, I can’t marry him. And if we run away to get married we will both be kicked out of our families. What should we do?


I think you should write somewhere around the fantasy areas because since it’s completely make-believe, you can invent anything you want so it wouldn’t be hard brainstorming ideas. It’s also interesting to read. Add romance, adventure and some mysterious plot twists and it’d be great!
Some suggestions to get started on:
1. Discovering a magical land access by a portal through your bedroom mirror, then teleporting to another destination, for example the world of fairytale stories in the middle of Cinderella’s ball or something, and you accidentally are misunderstood for the actual main character so that you get to experience a story in Cinderella’s perspective.
2. You possess a magical locket handed down by generations and you realize it has the amazing ability to perform magic (telekenesis, flight, manipulation, etc.) and are misunderstood for a criminal who stole the valuable artifact from the international museum centuries ago. The million dollar question…who’s the actual criminal, and are they your long-lost relative? Can you clear your name?
For more ideas you can visit several websites online like Random Fantasy Plot Generator and more!



  1. What happens when you accidentally drink a portion from a crazy cientist, and become the most porwerful hero in the town?
  2. You and a group of friends discover you all have different superporwers. The problem: the government found out and want to do/make all kinds of tests on you all.
  3. Sophia is going to get married in a month with the man of her dreams. One day she accidentally enters in a time machine, arriving at 18th century. Will she manage to go back to the present before the wedding day?

Mistery / Horror

  1. A couple recently married has just moved to a new house. When strange things start to happen, they find out there’s a witch in their basement. Will detective Edmund Reyes solve this mistery? (The story could be either in the couple’s or the detective’s point of view. You decide.)
  2. You are Antony Leach, an important detective who is hirred to catch a criminal. What happens when the criminal dies for no reason?
  3. You receive an old doll from your grandma. When strange things start to happen, you find out that the doll is haunted, and already has a target.

You fall in love with a boy from the Internet you never met. The problem: he lives in a completely different country, and doesn’t have plans to move to your place.

Two girls exchanged at the maternity ward. What happens when they discover the truth? And who was behind all this?


Sure! I have a couple ideas

  1. Maybe it’s about a girl who’s plane crashes on a desert island. Maybe she starts falling for a mystery man but then meets another guy but that other guy has this girl obsessed with him so there is drama there and they all don’t know how they will get off the island. So who will she choose?

  2. Maybe it could be about a nerd who becomes a bad girl because she was always bullied and then makes one of the most popular boys falls in love with her and breaks his heart. But then she falls for him after she breaks his heart and he has a new girlfriend what will happen?

Anyway, I have many more ideas if you have to need any more help! If you wanted to tell me a genre you would prefer to write about I could tell you many more story plots! :slight_smile:

@Ally14 I love your ideas. Would you be interested in helping me?

i need help