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Hi guys my name is Kylie. :wave: I have been recently figuring out my story and have a couple questions?

So lately I’ve been trying to get a story idea of my own that is NEW and TEENAGE APPROPRIATE but my main question that keeps going through my head is do I want it to have just one big story plot at the end or tiny ones every episode?


If u r going for the romance, sci fi or fantasy, mystery and horror types of genres, one big plot is better. But for comedy and drama, different plots each episode.

But that’s just my opinion:))


Ah, so I’ve written both styles. My first few stories were centered on one big plot, then I wanted to make a story that was more like a TV show, so I tried making actual “episodes” where each one had a different plot with the same characters. The latter really worked well for me. As much as I still like writing one-big-plot stories, I think tiny ones each episode just suits my writing style better and is what I’m most comfortable with.

So from my experience, it’s more so just about finding what clicks for you. If one way is easier for you to write in, choose that way because you’re readers can definitely tell when you feel sure of yourself. It reflects in your writing 100%


when writing, I like using small plots. I feel like it lets me control my story better, I can lead it up to whatever I want instead of one thing (the big plot; main subject of the story), and I think it makes the story more interesting because you constantly have something happen that draws your attention in even more.

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