Story Ideas and Staying Inspired

Hey, so i was wondering if anyone has any good tips for creating a storyline which can be used to create a story on episode, i am one of those people who comes up with ideas but then suddenly loses interest. So if anyone has any tips on how to keep a story without losing faith i’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

Me too! I think you would have to find a genre that is right for you!
Usually if I were to start writing a story I’d lose intrest in I’d use those story plot generators online.
I have started writing so many stories using that. I’m currently writing one story, though… Red Umbrellas, and the whole concept and everything came from my brain, and things that were already filled in it. I haven’t let go of that story yet! So I wish you the best of luck, because I don’t think me providing a plot for you, would help in the outcome!

I’m glad i am not the only one haha, i think thats a good idea trying to find a genre which is right for myself i just get too invested in an idea before actually planning the majority of the story it’s crazy. Thank you for your advice i will start using plot generators to help me create a good story and i’d love to check out your story Red Umbrellas, what’s your user?

Aw that’s so sweet, but Red Umbrellas isn’t out yet, because my main priority is the forums! But thank you anways… Happy to help!

No problem, but I understand, good luck to you as well with your writing!