Story Ideas! (and tweaks.)

I have 2 story ideas and I would like people to comment on any tweaks they would make to help make the story line stronger, or which is better. I’m open for minor, major or really any kind of tweaks to the story! Thank you :slight_smile:

Features for both-

Story title: For the Fame
Mc meets smc in highschool and he is a “child” (more like teen) actor.

First storyline- They meet because mcs bestfriend is also friends with smcs friend. They go out to eat together and thats when they first meet. At first, they don’t get on very well but then end up accidently bumping into eachother the next day when mc is bullied by some others, tries to run away, and accidently runs into the boys bathrooms. They bump and she falls ontop of him, which is their first relationship “spark”. The storys main base is that eventually after a lot of plot twists and other info, they get together and she falls pregnant. Then there’s load of other drama etc…

Second idea- Mc is friends with smc just because hes famous. His other bestfriend (bc) finds out about this, but doesn’t say because him and mc are dating and he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. (This is all i have so far, don’t really know where to go from this so please let me know any ideas!)

Thank you so much for any help :))

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Nice one but not captivating try something more …

If am permitted to say so of course

Maybe you could say what would be more captivating?

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I like the second one more! It really touches on what goes on in today’s world. A lot of people just using others to boost their own social status.
I would add a major tweak to the second choice.

Three characters.

The MC is a girl. BC is a boy. And SMC is a girl. Now, all three of them are living the glamorous life in Hollywood. The MC is an aspiring actress. The BC is a director. And the SMC is a popular actress. They all meet because they are doing a movie together. The MC begins hanging around the both of them because they are famous. The BC notices this but doesnt say anything as the MC and SMC are close friends. Eventually, the SMC begins to notice the MC’s obessessive nature and tries to break off their relationship. When the MC is aware of this… things take a sinister turn!

What should the title be, you ask: Hollywood Vice


Ok thx

Ok, thank you so much for the help! Would you like any creds if I do continue this plot along?

Nope, I don’t need any credit my friend!

But if you do go along with it, just let me know. So I can read it. :smirk:

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Ok :joy:

Your welcome tell me if I can help


Yes I do like your second idea, yes I like it and if you can just help me out with what I do in the scene and the dialoge and all that ill definitley give you credit for helping!! Please help me message me with what you think of pleaz

Im on my first story and my best friend got kidnapped in the story by these 2 bad men. And we notice shes missing and dont show her face for a couple days we get worried. She is trapped with no way out amd cameras all over. Im trying to come up with an idea but its hard on how will she get out of this kidnapping alive??

What genre is your story? I was thinking along the lines of maybe she tries to seduce one of the guys and then it becomes really complicated because he falls for her (if it’s romance)
Or, her family have been sent a “bill”, that if they pay it, they will set her free. But not everything is that easy… Instead of just letting her free, they swap her with her best friend, who they then take hostage. (If you like this idea we can work further into it)

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Hey I love your second Idea. Please message me on here. How would I exactly do everything in the scene and with all the dialoge what to say and all what to do? I will for sure give you credit if you help me! Please message me what you think of! :smiley: