Story Ideas ASAP!


Hey guys, I’m really struggling for story ideas! I kinda want a romance/fantasy/mystery plot. Thank you in advance


What if the main character falls in love with a vampire or something and a few days after you meet your love interest , the main character’s parents go missing.


Do you have any title names yet? Might help to think of some


I had to dust this one off my phone’s note folder😅 Okay so the MC goes into an abandoned house has a gateway to heaven and hell, with ghosts inside waiting for the day to go to either. It’s up to them to lead these spirits to the right (or wrong) path. Idk if that made sense, I wrote this like 3 years ago.


U can have a young fairy princess get kidnapped by the dark elves and she falls in love with their son who is the future king of the dark elves and when you are rescued you save him and etc.


Thanks, i love it!


No, I’m starting from scratch.


:joy: It’s a good idea but it would need a lot of developing and I’m just starting out.


not to be rude but the vampire theme stories arent so good…but if you work more on your spot directing maybe people will like it cuz :blush:


Love it, thanks!


Yeah there are a lot already. I am working on it but it’s taking me forever :joy:


i wish you all the best♥️ and if you need art scenes or outlines you can always ask me😊


Thank you! :smile: