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Hey!) I’m Lia and even tho I’m not an author myself (yet) I think my brain is always full of ideas for different kinds of stories + I tend to have pretty interesting solutions to “plot holes” and possible developments. :joy:
You can reply to the topic or PM here if you need help with your story (can be published or in progress) and/or would like me to review the episodes and share some tips on how to improve it :two_hearts:

And btw, English is my second language, Russian is my first one so I can provide translations both ways and help with Russian characters accurate representation! :sparkles:

(It’s okay if it totally flops. I’ll just go back to editing lol)


i don’t need story idea help, but i do have a character who speaks Russian and might need ur help in the future :))

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  1. What sort of features go together with Russians? (i.e = Some Italians tend to have brown hair & brown eyes)

  2. Could you send a few examples of Russian characters to help represent a few of mine’s features correctly?

  3. Also, I need a few of the ‘basic/common’ vocabulary translations (I will probably pm you with more specific translations later on) but for now I’ll try not to overload you with them :sweat_smile:

  • Hello/Hi
  • Goodbye/Bye
  • Morning/Good Morning
  • Afternoon/Good Afternoon
  • Evening/Good Evening
  • Nice to meet you
  • See you later
  • Want to meet up later?
  • Sure/Okay
  • No/Not Really
  • Please
  • Thank You
  • How are you?

More specific =

  • Boss?/Sir?
  • Seriously?
  • Why me?
  • Idiot
  • Why am I friends with her?
  • So, let me get this straight…
  • Correct?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Excuse me, what!?
  • I think you’ve confused me with her
  • I’m sorry
  • I think you’ve confused me with them
  • You’ve lost me
  • Where at?

I’ll pm the rest (:

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Russia is a huge country with a lot of different people living all over it. If we had to picture how a native Russian person would look like I’d say we have fair skin tone, hair color can vary, hair tend to be straight but can totally be wavy or even curly.


(But of course, you can find different people who are born and raised in Russia but had one parent of not Russian origin (for example). There’s a special articltle: and now I’m pretty sure you meant who are originally Russian but I’ll still leave it here)

Hopefully this was helpful! I’ll translate the phrases in a bit!

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Hello/hi — Здравствуйте/привет
Goodbye/bye — До свидания/пока
Good Morning — Доброе утро
Good Afternoon — Добрый день
Good Evening — Добрый вечер
Nice to meet you — Приятно познакомиться/рад(а) знакомству
See you later — До скорого
Want to meet up later — хочешь встретиться позже?
Sure/Okay — Конечно/Окей (No problem — без проблем)
No/not really — Нет/не очень

The simple words can be easily translated with Google as it doesn’t require special context :smiley:


Sounds cool! I’m a lot around here these days but if not, you can always find me on IG: @ameliya.epsd

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Thank you so much! (:

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Hope you don’t mind if I throw myself into your PMs sometime soon. :laughing:
I’ll always write Russian characters. I just love the language, culture and the fact that I’m not writing Russian mafia characters named Vlad. :skull:

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Of course! I’m still learning (and reading about my own country a lot) and it was always an interesting experience to find and share things which make Russians stand out :laughing:

Oh wow, the Vlad really sounds too cool for episode (or any of us) to handle :weary::joy:

The same happens to me!! thank you for making this thread and wanting to help other people. I hope people can find this and use your help <3

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Thank you!) Writing is never easy and I’d be happy to help with what I can :blush:

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