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Hey! I’m making a new story called “Unlike Any Other” and I Need ideas and if it sounds like a story people would read.

  • Unlike any other is a story about a lonely writer named Ro (Rosalie) who falls for an FBI Agent (spencer). Everything goes well for the first few months getting to know each other when an old criminal Spencer caught escapes and takes Ro and Spencer hostage, but no one was hurt, they don’t even remember what happened after he took them to the back room. after a month of not hearing anything he comes back to take Ro. All he leaves is a message that says “Its yours and its hers, I made it and it grows. you have what is mine its all about time” what do you think this is?

I know the ending but this is just one plot i plan on making more episodes about them but i need ideas.

  • Also would anyone like to be my writing partner? help with coding and coming up with ideas

Hiya. I would be more than happy to help. :blush:

PM me here or DM me on instagram @raven_author so we can talk some more and discuss prices for coding. :blush:

oh yeah, i’ll be more than happy to do both of those.

the story also sounds interesting, so yes, i would give it a read :blob_hearts:

for clarification: this would all be for free

Thanks, but I’m looking more for a partner, where I don’t have to pay them, its like both of our story’s

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ok !

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