Story Ideas For People Having A Bit Of A "Creativity Block"


So- the reason I’m making this is for the people with a bit of a “Creativity Block” if you have story ideas (Story Plots) that you’re not going to use try telling everyone some of the ideas to help them get started. Maybe you’re even looking for someone to write with. If you’ve gotten a story idea through this topic, then make sure to give it a like! :kissing_heart:


Ooh so I had an idea but it is a discarded one now so use it if you like

It is about a monster but this is no ordinary monster. It is a monster within that has manifested inside of the main male protagonist.

He has suppressed this monster for years but his girlfriend starts to realise he has a foul temper and confronts him about it. Their relationship seems good but actually, it is incredibly unhealthy. The girlfriend feels patronised and like a doll, this begins to show cracks in the relationship.

The problem is that in the past the MC had severely assaulted his pregnant ex and when he was younger he essentially got away with murder (gave his alcoholic stepfather, ethidium bromide mixed in beer which is traceless when ingested into the bloodstream - NOTE this is a fictional concept).

The male MC has written all this down in a journal and his girlfriend is desperate to understand him as a person so she searches for his journal.

This leads the girlfriend down dangerous territory as she tries to build a case against him. He cannot hold in his monstrous urges anymore and starts to commit murders again but there are very little leads so the girlfriend starts to gather more and more evidence against him to get him arrested.


I think that’s a good idea. It sounds unique and interesting to me.

Confession thread part 2 :kissing_heart:



I agree!


And you made a really good topic :slight_smile:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I hope you found this useful!


Cool and hopefully it helps you out


Another discarded idea from when I was around 15 to 16!

Story about a young girl called Aria - her father died and the grief has got to her. She has isolated herself from her friends and has become a bit of a loner. Her only friend is a Vincent Gallo poster that gives her useless pieces of advice. Then everything changes when her mother starts dating a young psychiatrist in training.

It is hard for Aria to adjust with him there but they begin to develop a close friendship (IT IS INNOCENT!) - Aria begins to bloom as a human being and her confidence grows. The mum’s boyfriend has a tumultuous past and they both share a bond through their suffering.

Eventually, Aria starts to become friends with new people and even find love all thanks to her friendship with the mum’s bf!

Want A Role In My Story?

Can I ask you something?
have you ever published a story before?
Cause I think you’re pretty creative…


Of course you can! Thank you :heart:

Also, I have already published a story called Crossed Paths.

If you are interested in reading it, I’ll send you a link :blush:


I am interested


Here you go!


Thank you :heart:
I will definitely read it!


Thank you so much, PM me your thoughts and questions afterward!


Of course


I had one for the Thriller Story Contest:

So, a girl has been (mentally) harmed by people for years. She disappears, and comes back a few years later. She returns for revenge, and becomes successful. She uses that success for revenge.

I’m not sure if this is good or not.


I love thrillers
I think it is a good idea
It just needs more details but it sound interseting :slight_smile:


I am still reading
Sorry I’m really busy but I will PM you as soon as I read it


Hello and do not feel the need to apologise, I hope you are enjoying what you have read so far :heart: