Story Ideas [GAME]

On the old forums we had this amazingly creative game and now that my old account has been transferred over I think it is a good time to get it started back up again!

This game is simple:

Player 1 will state a random title for a story and Player 2 will write a short, creative synopsis/summary/storyline that fits this title.

Without further a do, let’s begin.

The first title is: 900 Spells

(A link to find old story lines from the OG Forums brought to you by the amazing Mehek:


900 spells

A magic school and you are a carfree guy who is failing . You (a guy) don’t even care if you’re get throught to a really good college . Well all that changes when you fall in love with a really great girl that’s super smart … She is gonna go to a really good school , and you want to join her . But you can’t do that since you’re failing your final year . So your teachers give you a deal . You must master all 900 spells he didn’t learn in past 4 years of high school to pass until school ends so he can have a chance in the good school .

Story name : The lone traveler

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The Lone Traveler.
A man who has lost his memories finds himself in the middle of a dessert. The story is him trying to figure out what his past once was, running into two love interests, a man the same age as him who apparently knew him from his past, claiming to be his ‘childhood friend’, and a woman who he saved and she practically stuck to him. The final chapter you must make a choice, to remember his past and fall in love with the male love interest, or not remember and start a life with the female one.

Story Title: Wandering Eye

This is fun,


Wandering Eye

You are a normal girl who’s life is about to change . For your b-day you bought yourself a necklace with a 2d eye imprint on it . Soon at night you start hearing strange voices in French … You learn French in school but plenty of those words are unfamilliar to you . You try to get rid of the necklace but it always comes back via a friend or a package . You have to find a secret tomb in France where theres is a sculpture of a face that looks like a picasso painting and the eye is missing … When you put in the eye back to it’s place on the face you are rewarded by the dead Beringer family for returning the gold piece back where it belongs so they could live umong people like Dream blackouters (or some other name , they’re incharge of deleting your dreams from your memory for the reason of important messages they mustn’t remember … idk) . The reward is something important idk … You make it up if you want it .

I’m gonna make a real story with that what I wrote for the 900 spells if that’s okay ?

Next title (Because @LeviTheLunatic forgot. Please don’t forget in the future!): Loyal to the Caves


Loyal to the Caves

Inside a cave in the middle of nowhere there is a village. This village contains thousands of people that live there and it has connections to lots of other caves. One young girl wants to see the outside world but her parents don’t want her to go outside of the caves. Her brother gives her a long lecture but she forgets it all apart from one line which was:
“Always be loyal to the caves.”
She goes against her parents word and enters the human world. No one suspects that she lives in a cave but no one fully accepts her either. She hates the human world and wants to go back to the caves. She cant find her way back to the caves and when she finally gets home. She tells her brother and parents that:
“No matter where I go I will always be loyal to the caves.”

Story Title: Wish upon a Star

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Title: Wish Upon a Star

After your deadbeat Mom uses your inheritance from your rich, dead Great-Aunt to fund her addiction, you run away and find yourself lost in the woods. Out of spite, you wish on the first star you see that you could live a better life like that of your seemingly perfect classmate. The next morning, you wake up and find yourself in a large, grand mansion. On further inspection and after you stumble across a mirror, you see that you have seemingly switched bodies with that classmate. Immediately, you call your real mom only to find out that your classmate, in your body, fell into a coma.


Title: Why So Many Tomatoes?


Why So Many Tomatoes?

Paola Andres visited Hawaii, specifically the beautiful island of Molokai, for a beautiful vacation with her family. Lucky for her, the island wasn’t the only beautiful thing there.

Kona has lived on Molokai all her life and is a fabulous painter. She’s said to be able to capture the very soul of the object or person she paints but Kona is a bit distraught. She’s been looking for a muse, someone or something that she can paint over and over again without getting bored. Her life takes a turn when she meets Paola Andres who she catches in her tomato garden. The two begin to talk and Kona has finally found it, her muse.

The two grow close quickly and both are the happiest they’ve ever been together. Then their paradise life is cut short when Paola’s family has to return home early because of a work emergency. Paola has no time to say goodbye as she whisked back to New York City.

Kona feels betrayed and hurt when she learns Paola suddenly left and closes in on herself, shutting everyone out. When her artwork is noticed by a famous artist, he invites her to New York City to have her artwork presented in a gallery.

When Paola hears of an artist is having their own artwork featured Saturday, she decides to go out of boredom and finds a gallery of tomatoes… and herself. It seems fate isn’t done with Kona and Paola just quite yet.

Next Title: Changelings



After being attacked and mugged by a group of thieves on her walk home from work, Gwen is left awfully injured, without her phone, her keys, her purse and almost everything. However, she is soon rescued by an odd looking creature named Dimitri. He decides to take her to his small hidden village for help. Gwen soon learns that her rescuer and his people are Changelings. A creature that could shapeshift that Gwen had thought we’re merely legends until she saw them after she was rescued by one. She stays with the Changelings for a while as she heals. Slowly, Gwen grows close with the Changelings and begins to trust them. Not knowing their plans.

These Changelings gain their powers from “The blood of a trusting human soul.” And they plan to use Gwen as their next human sacrifice.

Dimitri soon learns of his people’s plans and tries to stop it, because he has fallen in love with the girl he rescued. He must choose whether to save the girl he loves and betray his fellow Changelings, or let her die so his people can gain power.

(That wasn’t that bad… I kinda wanna write something about this now)

Next Title: LightDrop


Centuries ago, the angel Lumiair flew down from the Heavens to the people of the Descent, a dark place deep underground where the people work hard to survive. He gave to them a gift, a droplet of pure light from the heavens itself. It was to bring hope and peace forever after.

However the light did the opposite. Brother and sister Terros and Tyrais divided the people of the Descent into two. Tyrais believed the people should worship and revere the droplet while Terros disagreed and claimed they should continue their normal lives. Tyrais took her believers to the upper levels of the Descent and left behind Terros with whoever was left.

Now the two groups have evolved differently with the those who worship the light, the Tyraisians, and those who keep the old ways, the Terrosians, keeping an unsteady peace.

But that peace will not last long and young Myra, a hybrid who lives among the Terrosians, knows this. She plans to destroy the light drop herself to end the feud and bring the two groups together. However, her plans may go off course when a Tyraisian travel pod crashes into her father’s fields with a Tyraisian boy inside. Now, she will begin to get wrapped up in not only the dealings of powerful Terrosians and Tyraisians, but also her own heart and spirit.

Next Title: The Path of Stella


The Path Of Stella
Stella, a girl with depression goes through multiple rollercoasters of emotions. When she seeks treatment, her mother dies mysteriously, her body found in a well. In her will, Stella is given a letter. In the letter, she finds out her mom was part of an organization named GRIFFIN. But Stella’s mom was a slip to another group, FROG. She was also told that GRIFFIN had found the Angelica, a spirt that could grant any wishes.
Follow Stella as she experiences love, sadness, and heartbreak.
Next title : Brand New Girl

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Band New girl

A girl is new in high school . There is not too much info about her or anything just enough to get her in school … the basic stuff … You figure out she’s a spy sent there to spy on young teens , You think of this as a dangerous thing and you start spying on her , but it turns out she was just trying to figure out what teens like for economy resarch .

Next title : Hellen found a way

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Hellen Found A Way

Hellen Harper has been suffering depression for years. With no one to lean on, she attempts to end it all. Before she does, a girl comes up to her and talks her out of it. The two become best friends and even start developing feelings for one another. The girl, Mariana, helps Hellen to get back on her feet.
It took a long time, but Hellen eventually started to feel happy for once. The two go to Mariana’s parents and tell them about their relationship. They freak out and tell Mariana to leave. They kick her out of the house and throw all of her stuff outside in trash bags. The two decide to run away to the city, where they’ll buy an apartment and start their life together.
Hellen is still suffering depression, it’s just not that bad. Will Hellen and Mariana ever be able to have a real relationship and make it in the city?

Next Title: Race Against Time

Race agains time

Wilbur Barkley is a normal boy , not to cool or geeky , not to hot or ugly . But he is not a random guy. He found a game online titeled “Race against time” .He clicked play and He was soon pulled into the game , leaving his body soulless . This is the doing of a doctor who needs bodies for research , as lab rats . Then he decides to rebell and crack the game so he can get out before his body is left aside , dead . He soon beats the game by time travel and hacking , and gets back to the real world . He wanted to go to the cops and tell them everything but they would probably think he is crazy . So instead he shows the doctor into the game and then tells it all to the cops . He showed them the program , and all the bodies … They decided to lock the doctor into the computer as a punishment . Wilbur managed to save himself and plenty of outhers from death .

Next name : Shattered hourglass

Diana would always admire certain shelf that was inside her immense house. There was a diminute hourglass on it. Its sand was silver and had little plastic hearts inside.
The peculiar object was a gift made by her husband, Matt. He gave it to her three years ago, while they were in their honeymoon.
“Promise me that you’ll never let it break.” He said. “I know you are not the type of person who believes in superstitions, but listen carefully: The day this hourglass breaks, my soul will perish too. Be cautious, my belle Diana.”
She considered it an odd, yet beautifully intriguing way of describe the gift. However, she dismissed it as one of the various quirks his husband would have.

The years have passed, and their relationship has decayed. One day, she angrily threw the hourglass to the floor, and subsequently it was broken.

And her husband was literally broken, too.

Little pieces of him were lying on the floor. They looked as fragile and shiny as glass.

Next: The Queen who couldn’t cry

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Bill had been hard at work in the basement every night for the past few months.
His neighbors had given up on wondering why his light was always on in the middle of the night.

But tonight, though-- tonight was special.
Bill had bought an expensive bottle of wine and had redecorated his room just for the occasion.

As he closes his toolbox, he looks over at the table.
“I’ll be ready soon, my dear.”
He takes a comb from his pocket and tidies his hair.

Satisfied with his appearance, he approaches the table with the reverence the priest would have approached the Ark of the Covenant in the time of David.
Hesitantly, he presses a few buttons and turns on a switch.
The android opens her eyes and sits up.

He kneels on the floor with eyes cast to heaven.
“Welcome, my queen.”

Do Dust Mites Sleep?


Do Dust Mites Sleep?

In the sleepy little farming town of Millsville, Oklahoma nothing ever happens. In this safe haven lives a group of five young and troublesome friends who have always lived the same bland existence of school, farm, prank, and sleep.
But what happens when Dannie Devino, the leader of the group, mysteriously goes missing without a trace? When months of searching by authorities turns up nothing but dead ends, the friends decide to take matters into their own hands. It is up to these dusty little trouble makers to solve the mystery and save their friend.

Keeping Forever

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Keeping Forever

Cancer. It was what Anna hated more than anything in her entire life. She sobbed as she held her best friend’s pale hand tightly. She just couldn’t understand. Why did life have to be so cruel? There Anna was, sitting next to Emily while she was on her death bed, wearing a stupid wig. She gently pulled the wig off her best friend’s head, no matter how much it broke her. Emily didn’t deserve this. She was kind, sweet, silly and everything that Anna wished for in a best friend. Why is she being taking away from me? was the only thought in Anna’s head.
“Anna,” Emily croaked, “Look at me.”
But no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t. How could she do something that terrified her, made her want to scream?
“Listen to me, Anna,” Emily whispered. “I love you so much. You’ve understood me in ways that no one else could. You’ll always be my best friend. And-”
Emily broke down in a coughing fit and Anna immediately tensed up. She wasn’t ready for Emily to leave her. But Emily wasn’t done yet.
“You’ve coloured my dark days. I’m just so thankful for that. I’m so thankful for you. We’ll meet again, I promise you that.”
And then the light was gone from Anna’s heart. All she had left of her best friend was a heart shaped locket. And it was something Anna knew, she would be keeping forever.

The Girl Who Couldn’t