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I’m Very Creative

The Crimson Quill was a writer, thought they very good too. They were extremely sweet, but very sensitive. They received many rude critiques in their writing, saying they were unoriginal and not creative. These rude comments twisted the Crimson Quill’s brain and as they grew older their cute pen-name was changed into a well known, terrifying title. The Crimson Quill became well known serial killer, known for the most creative, unique ways to murder anyone in their way.

If you are ever traveling alone, and hear someone whisper to you. Run. It could be the Crimson Quill, telling you their most iconic phrase. “I’m very creative.”

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Sword of Sorrow
A sword has been kept in a famous mueseum for centuries. It was enclosed in a glass box and the glass box was cover with a blanket. It’s rumoured that whoever lifted the blanket off would experience great sorrow and misfortune in their life. Many people would visit as they had heard the rumours and wanted to see if they were true. Nobody had ever lifted off the blanket before.
Your best friend decided that they wanna go and look around the mueseum. You are not very interested but they convince you to go. The only problem is you are very clumsy and you go near the glass box. You fall but whilst fallen no you tried to hold yourself up by grabbing the fabric on the box and you pull it off -exposing the sword underneath. Are the rumours true? What will happen next?

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Everything’s a Lie


You were commatozed for a very long time and when you woke up 2 people claim to be your parents, You trusted them because the doctor said they were waiting for you. When you got home everything was suspicous because your home had no neighbors and not in a town.
When you came back to school you wanted to know who were your friends then two other people claim to be “your friends”
But what happens when everything is a lie and you learn the true secret of your past


Since the person above me didn’t leave a new title I will: Dragon Wish


This is literally the plot of “Let’s Play Pretend”…lmao


Clara is a 16 year old girl who’s parents mysteriously disappeared without a trace when she was just 11 years old. She lives with her aunt & uncle and her 3 cousins, who are like her siblings. When taking a trip with her cousins to a beach, they discover a dragon who promises them each one wish. When Clara wishes to be taken to wherever her parents are, what happens when she is taken to the very home that she lives in with her aunt and uncle? What is really going on, and who can she trust?

The Nightmare Man (I actually wrote a book with this title, but I never published it and I wanna see what people will come up with for it :smiley: )


The man that haunts people with bad attitude ever since he died, thats the only way he can be given justice. He lets people scream and he always haunts their dreams.

Nezt Title: Dangerous Woman


Dangerous Woman

In a fantastical town where only males exist, the young are always taught that the females were extremely dangerous, which is why they were all wiped out. And Michael Arr believed it. But when he gets lost and stubbles across a town where only females exist his point of view changes. Well, atleast partly.

(It isn’t the best but y’know there could be worse)

Next title: Redwood Road


Redwood Road

When Lily was a 11 years old her brother Vance gave her a present., It was a bunch of cool toys and some candy in wooden box. She however never realised he wanted to give her the wood box instead of this toys but figured she’s not old enough to use the magic box. In this word there is magic and magic spells . The poeple who could use magic (Cantamen) needed simple objects to make a potion or to use a spell , to make them magic they needed their touch and a mix of words. However nobody knew which words to use, nobody could say random words in case of a bad spell happeneing and they never could use their powers. The little red box ,that was something like a computer password finding program, could do the job for them. Bad forces wanted that box but nobody knew how the box looked. They wanted to save humanity while your kind wanted to whipe them out becuase they’re only hamring the universe. Vance told Lily about this when she was 19 and now it’s up to her to save the universe by destorying humanity keeping it away from the bad guys.

Next title : Howlers


“Never stare at the moon, Haley.” It’s the one thing she was told all her life. But when she takes Astrology and Biology as her core secondary subjects and meets the new kid who’s rather… hairy, she come’s to realize there’s more than one way to look and the moon…
When she realizes her true inner self is a wolf.

Next Title: The Book of Love


The book of love

She gazed out along the crimson sunset as she awaited his arrival. As delicate as the petals on a rotting flower; the book crumbled in her hands as he approached like a fox hunting its prey. They stood in silence. Silence was the only thing that barricaded these lovers. They could no longer restrain their inner desires. The book lay broken on the grass, as though nature had been forgotten.

Next title The carnival


The Carnival

The Carnival of Farewell has always been a landmark. specifically one that brings in tons of tourists and residents to Farewell. Eleanor herself was one of these visitors looking to experience one of the best carnivals in the country along with a few of her friends. She’s always been an adrenaline junkie and she is far from disappointed at the roller coaster rides and different activities to do at The Carnival. When one of her friends dares her to stay overnight at The Carnival, she discovers that not everything is as wonderful and extravagant as it seems.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

She encounters a strange boy who only says his name is Jack and explains to her that The Carnival of Farewell has a deeper and darker history than the town claims. He asks her to help him uncover the true history and finally lay The Carnival to rest… because it is slowly awakening and it isn’t happy at all.

But when she discovers an equally horrifying secret about Jack, Eleanor might just have to wonder if he’s lying and if he really is as trustworthy as he claims he is… or if The Carnival’s real history holds the key to the truth. But no matter her choice, the bustling city of Farewell will never be the same again.

Next Title: Call of the Dead


Call of the Dead

Since all the infected people from 2015’s zombie attack were wiped out, Robin Road has lived in peace. Everyone forgot about the tramatizing attack and tried to pursue normal lives. However, all good things come to an end…

Katie walks the same way to school everyday, shes sees the same trees, same cars, same people. A part from this one day, she was on her way to school and she noticed the roots of a tree turing black. It was happening to all of them. She rushed home, looked at her plants, bushes in her backyard, the grass. Everything, the roots were turning black. Her thoughts ran wild, what was this? She remembered her lesson in science, the roots are all under ground, for them to turn black, it would have to mean something infected is living the ground, beneath thr dirt, gravel. Then she clicked. The only infected thing that would be under ground would be the ‘dead’ people from the 2015 attack. They were coming back. All of them. But something told her they were no longer human. They were dead. And they are calling out to her.

Next title: The Darkness


The Darkness

“Oh… I get it now. You’re not afraid of the dark… you’re afraid of me.”
Ever since Julien was a child, she could always feel something in the shadows, something that was constantly watching and alert, something that spooked her through to her very soul. Sure, she never knew exactly what this ‘something’ was, and she never told anyone, in case they called her crazy. She wasn’t crazy, right?
She tried everything. Lights, candles, torches, phones, anything that could light up the entire room. She wouldn’t sleep, wouldn’t go anywhere in fear that whatever this thing was would get her.
If only she knew what the darkness really was.

Next Title: Rebel Waters


Rebel Waters

Rebel isn’t your typical girl. Her name describes her perfectly: Rebel. Constantly on the run from stealing, she comes along the path of a young boy who doesn’t break the rules. Will he be able to stop Rebel Waters or has that train already left the station?

Next Title: Too Good To Be True


Too Good To Be True

After getting fired for being late one too many times, your bad luck continues when kicked out of your apartment which you could barely afford. Desperation leads you to sign up for a mysterious television reality show where the winner wins 10,000,000$ cash as a first place prize. The rules are easy, outwit your contestants at a series of puzzles and games. But what you didn’t know was that the loser’s were never to be seen again. Can you survive this deadly show, and win your freedom?

Next Title: Velvet Roads


Velvet Roads

One stormy night there was an accident involving 3 cars. This left everyone in hospital severely injured. This accident took place on velvet road. With each of the three car owners claiming for compensation they must all fight it out at court to decide who is responsible and who has to pay up. But little do they know there was a fourth car that night that escaped before the police showed up.

New Title: Everyday is Hell


Everyday Is Hell

Kiara has led an amazing life with friendships, relationships, and no problems whatsoever. One day, her parents make a deal with the devil; the government. You struggle to live in a beautiful mansion with pain everyday. Why? You have no choices. Fight against sexism!

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I really wasn’t creative on that, I didn’t want to make it to cliche :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Next: Liberty and Justice
(Hint hint: make it a play on words or something funny)


Liberty and Justice

The year is 3048. Humanity has suffered through a fifty year war with a race of aliens known as the Marulians. They invaded sixty years ago peacefully, claiming they simply wanted to live alongside humans as friends. At first, the humans were quick to welcome them in fear but they soon came to tolerate the Marulians. Well, some of them at least.

Others were quick to fight against them, claiming they would attempt to wipe out humanity to take the planet and that everyone should drive them out now. The two sides quickly became tense as there were riots and protest taking place nearly everywhere on the globe. Many humans were on both sides as some had even started to create families with the newcomers. But after ten years of ‘peace’, the tension between the two finally broke.

It started when the half-Marulian son of the Grand Monarch turned one. During her son’s first birthday, two humans came into the celebration and interrupted with a rain of bullets. The Grand Monarch’s husband and son were both murdered in front of her eyes as well as many others. She declared war hastily and so it began. The Marulians quickly took over two continents and forced all the humans out.

Humanity now wants a swift end to the war and have developed two super soldiers to carry out the deed from the inside of ‘Marule’. Named Liberty and Justice, the pair are genetically altered twins that have been raised by the government all their lives. The plan is to wipe out as many high-ranking Marulians as possible after being planted on the inside to cause chaos so that the army can arrive to finish the job. However, when one of them begins to fall for one of their targets, what will happen to the two? To the world? The choice will determine who wins the war… and who wins the planet.

Next Title - One Eye, One Fate


One Eye, One Fate

A girl named Lucy who was born with one eye, falls in love with a man who loves the film Avengers. He wanted a unique wife with good talents and has a bright personality. They both never expected to find themselves in the future getting a divorce after a rocky road with their relationship. What happens when Lucy hears a rumour that he died?

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