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A strong feeling:
Ella is a nerd, and a loner; she liked to do everything by herself. because of this she didn’t have any friends. when Aiden Green becomes her new neighbor, Ella finds herself catching feelings. What will Ella do about these strong feelings?

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Ally Jones has been haunted by a ghost all her life until a boy decided to help her she only needed to wait another day to stop her haunting at last, but what happens when that boy died and it was November 1, that day… The day where every ghost would watch her every move

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Serah is a chef at a really popular restaurant in Washington. It was her dream since childhood. But the arrival of her long lost sister from Japan changes everything. She claims to be the fourth sister of serah and says that her real mother was a huge pop singer and now wants her to walk on her footsteps since she is now going to retire. Serah is shocked as she grew up in a foster home and is too reluctant to believe her. However her real mother arrives soon with her troop of fans pressurizing her to follow her profession. Serah realises that since she is the eldest she must be the next pop star and regulate the family’s income. She thinks her mother is finally here to take her after all these years where she left her alone just to ensure her own gain. Still, They develop an aquaintance and the mother seems apologetic and reasonable. Serah’s bittersweet relationship with her mom and the perfect long lasting relationship with cookery clash and result into something a lot darker

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Your name is Giana and you were always an introvert. You liked to go out and have fun once in a while . However you gained your energy by being alone inside the comfort of your room. There was this girl too. Her name is Peetah (that’s actually a girl’s name lol, but it used in brittain for girls who were meant to be boys, cuz it sounds like Peter.). Since her father wanted her to be a son he tried his best to bring her up as a boy. She loved spending tiem with her father. However soon her mother gave birth to a son and he started spending most of his time palying with him. That’s why she grew up to be a bully. Because her dad doesn’t love her and she is jealous of your chillness and good flow with boys. However one day you get locked in a classroom with her and another boy. He was studying to be a psychologist. And the whole time you were locked with them was like a huge couple counseling session where you both admited their feelings and in the end you became good freinds.

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A Swift Drift

It was finally happening. The divide, the break, the fracture. The Savage Six were finally leaving each other and their old lives behind.

Evelyn “Echo” Porter has always been friends with five kids ever since she met them in kindergarten. They were a strange group, being made up of several cliches like the Nerd and the Jock yet they just clicked together. It was the strangest thing yet it seemed so natural to the six of them. They were all the closest of friends and had made so many memories over the years.

What they were known for most though? Their pranks. The amazing fake pest infestation of '05? If only Anna hadn’t ratted them out on that. The jello-pocalypse of 6th grade? That one was a real head scratcher, that’s for sure.

Now in ninth grade, the legendary group is finally splitting apart as the members all drift towards new groups and people. Echo is forced to watch as her best friends slowly leave each other. She called it the Drift, an unexpected divide that struck because of high school.

Echo knows fully well that she will not be able to stop it. It happens to so many people and groups after all. But she’s determined to make them go out with a real bang.

One last stunt, one last prank to end all pranks. Because Echo is going to hold onto her friends one last time as the Savage Six make their final ride before their swift drift.

What can go wrong?

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I see humans

All Mirandas life she was invisible… she owns a bakery and she got an appartment but nobody has ever seen her… but she can’t see anybody either… One day when Miranda is working in the bakery a old man walks up to her asking for food! she looks behind but no one is seen the man is talking to her!!! Miranda answer and gives to man food. The man: says “I see humans” in a very deep sweet sound
And then she can see the bakery is full of happy people and children playing she can see her coworkers and she can see

Mister Mars


Mister Mars

Mr. Mars.
That’s what they call me.
You go to Mars one time, and that’s all anyone ever knows you for! Nobody cares that I worked my way through college while supporting my sick mother, or that I am the founder and owner of a successful business, or that I do my best to be a good husband to my wife and father to my children.
I can’t even run for city council without national news broadcasting that “MISTER MARS IS RUNNING AN OUT OF THIS WORLD CAMPAIGN!!!”
So I was the first man to step onto some red desert after travelling in a space the size of my kid’s bed for two years. Is that really that big of a deal?
Twenty years later, and I’m still Mr. Mars.

But Please Don’t Walk on the Carpet


But Please Don’t Walk on the Carpet.

20 years ago, a southern island somewhere in the sea, rose up and made its self visible. Countries immediately came to colonize it and built many factories there. The biggest of all these factories was owned by a wealthy yet mysteriously unknown group of people named the Carpet.
15 years ago that very factory mysteriously vanished, permanently burning the ground it stood on and causing radiation dangers.
2 years ago the radiation levels had simply disappeared, causing people to come back and colonize this land again, despite the scorched land of where the building stood still remaining.
1 year ago, a little boy got curious when his paper airplane had vanished into the burnt land, and he disappeared as well when he walked through. He was never found to this day.
8 months ago, the mayor made a speech to those who had come as tourists: “Hello, welcome dear friends! I hope you will enjoy your lovely stay in this gorgeous island. As it is very small, you are permitted to go anywhere you please! But please don’t walk on the Carpet.”

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The Aesthetic Ritual


The aesthetic ritual.

A tumblr girl attempts to make her perfect boyfriend, and does it with a ritual. When she messes it up, her boyfriend comes out horribly wrong. And the girl tries to find a way to end him.



On The Magic Line

Seraphina was your normal average girl growing in a small, close-knit town. When she was 10 she and her parents were involved in a car accident. She and her mother/father (choose 1) survived but her other parent did not. Her left eye was injured during the accident and Seraphina suffered from heterochromia (two different color eyes). From then on Seraphina’s life had changed forever. She could literally see the MAGIC in everything out of her left eye. The townspeople began to think the child was deranged and her father/mother was at her/his wit’s end with Seraphina.
Seraphina didn’t want to cause her parent anymore trouble so she pretended she couldn’t see. She was now 16 and wore an eyepatch (or something else) so she could only see through her right eye. The eye that only saw REALITY. But, one day a mystical being comes to Seraphina for help and her gift of sight. She has no choice but to cross that magic line she abandoned long ago…

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Little Coffee Shop Of Horrors:
Katie owns a coffee shop, and she has always loved it since the minute she bought it. However, strange things started to happen since, and she discovers a hidden underground door. Now it’s up to Katie to discover the horrors behind her little coffee shop and put an end to it.

A Utopia’s Downfall:


A Utopia’s Downfall:
Even the greatest queen’s reign must come to an end. How the simplest problems can have amazing outcomes, and you, the Empress, must solve this problem too. Otherwise it can kill you, slowly.

Just Envious:


Just envious:
You’ve always been an envious girl. Now what happens when you get granted the power to have anything you want? Will you get the life you’ve always wanted, or will things turn for an unexpected direction?



You know there’s something going on when everything catches your interest… Everything there is are your interests… Or what seems interesting to you. The uninteresting things you have seems to disappear, why?

Fear of Falling Apart:


Fear of Falling Apart

Dominic (or insert MC name) is nothing more than a doll on a shelf waiting for someone…anyone to purchase him and take him home. His creator feeling empathetic because all the other dolls are being sold, decides to keep him. One night a young boy commits suicide and falls into a coma. Because of a wish, his body is temporarily given to Dominic and he becomes human. He becomes family to his creator and during his time in school he falls for the beautiful (insert LI’s name). However, Dominic senses that he’s on borrowed time and doesn’t want to leave his father or true love. The fear of falling apart and becoming the doll he used to be is slowly becoming unbearable.

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You are just an average person in a normal life. Until, something starts to happen. One by one, things are disappearing. Everything has changed. Strange things been happening. What used to be your reality seems so… strange. Is this all real? What is going on…




Throughout your life, you’ve always had enemies. Whether it was in first grade or the last year of college, you’ve somehow always upset people one way or the other. Currently, you’re living the suburban lifestyle with a happy family. What happens when things from your past start catching up? Maybe you should’ve been nicer?

A dream come true:


A Dream Come True
You’re suddenly having the life of your dreams- everything you wish came true. Your life is all perfect, except for one thing: You’re dreaming, and could never wake up. Of course, why you wanna wake up? But the more you spend in here, the more it kills you…




The first part of the story is told by a police officer who was attacked by a young teenager. In this part of the story we see what the police officer and the crowd (who heard of it) think of him. After some missunderstandings lead to everybody thinking the young boy is a Sadistic maniac guilty of serial bloodshed.

The second part of the book shows what lead the boy to attack the officer (and it was because he belived he was a blackmailed disquised as a cop). Then the story describes how the boy is feeling as the rumors processed.

The last part of the book is after the cop finds a piece of information to realise the boy didn’t hit him for wrong reasons. He talked to the boy and by the end managed to prove his innocence and find the real serial killer.

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