Story Ideas? Hear the Episode Communities opinions

I’m trying to create a story and I would like people to read it so why not have the community help with the story! So my question is,

What type of stories would you guys read or are interested in?

I’d really like to know because I want people to read stories they would like to read, which leads me to my second question,

What type of options would you like? Like do you want to choose your own name? Customize your characters? Or even bigger options, just feel free to comment.

Yours truly, Aspiring Author :heart:


I dont think you should be concern on what others wanna read. but what you wanna write.

lets say a lot of people wanna read a horror. but you dont like horror. but you dont wanna write a horror. but you do because it is popular. then your heart and mind wont be in it. you will end up properly hateing your own story

then you wont like the story.

You can not just sit down and say I wanna write a story there is a horror. that is not a story. it is not even an idea.

You need to come up with an idea. a plot . a story.

most people just wanna read a good story. it wont be good if you are more concern on what other people think. dont write for others but yourself. its your story. it shall make you happy to write. if not dont write,


true :clapping: :clapping:


like exemple

the wrong one :
(almost) everyone love romance with customisations so i should write a romance story with customisations

the right one :
i should take my time come up with ideas and i should also come up with a good plot . I should also try to be original.

just people like that type doesn’t mean you have to write that type


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Exactly, be your own boss, you don’t have to follow what others are doing.

Think about what YOU want to write. Write about anything YOU want to write. Don’t worr y about customizations, etc. This is YOUR story, you don’t have to add customization if you don’t want to because you create your OWN characters, how you want them to look when playing a role. You don’t always to add art scenes just because others are doing it, but if u want to add art scenes then do it.

Things you see other members are doing, you don’t need to do which isn’t necessary, but if you WANT to do it, then do it. It’s all on YOU. Think outside the box, pick wat genre you want to write, plan your story, and just go with the flow.


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