Story ideas help!

Please I need suggestions. I was thinking of writing a story called Supernatural Psychic (fantasy) but I cant think of anything else except the title. I’m thinking of other genres that might interest me but if you have story ideas (preferably about a superpower) then tell me, I will take any other story ideas and titles.

Maybe you can have like a place where the hero train and learn how to control their powers. I know that’s not the main point of the story but it’s just an idea.

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Thank you for your suggestions thinking of adding it to my story!


@Kaitie and @Bella121 can she join us maybe?

This is something stupid I do to get my mind thinking when I’m stuck:

  • If I have no ideas, I often search up on youtube some trailers in the genre I want to write in. I don’t know why-- maybe it’s that inspirational music, the overly dramatically deep voice of the narrator, or some creative and flashy cinematography, but it always seems to fill my mind with ideas.

  • For your title, I’m getting for some reason those psychic ladies in carnival tents vibes, ya know? :joy: Maybe the MC could enter in one and she gains some ominous and mysterious powers somehow, and then the story takes off into some supernatural direction. (That’s my weird take on it idk haha)

Hope this helps someway, and good luck figuring out that story-- sounds interesting, even if that’s just from the title!:relaxed:

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Thank you soo much for your suggestions im gonna try these tomorrow!

I don’t object. @Annie131 our story is fantasy an involves vamps, werewolves, and royals, possibly magic. Group of 4 work to save their kingdom from a corrupt insider. PM if ur interested

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I don’t mind either

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Ok! Great! Hey @Annie131, @Kaitie already gave you the description of our story. Do you wanna join our group?

Sure but rn I dont have a desktop

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Its good. We can code it,

Ok but what will I do then??

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We are working on story ideas. And characters, please make a discord so we can add you

I can’t do discord, sorry

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The MC can drink a potion from a crazy cientist and become a superhero with superpowers. She/he can also have the ability to ready minds, or move and object with the force of the mind.

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