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I am a long time user of Episode but I am a beginner at writing stories. I am aware of the coding, the backgrounds, overlays, characters etc. The only thing I struggle with is actually coming up with a story, or an interesting one anyway :woman_shrugging:t5:

:wilted_flower:I need help choosing or coming up with a story
:wilted_flower:I have two story examples that you can help me improve or change
:wilted_flower:NO SUGARCOATING

1.Genre: Action
Raven Kingston (17) and her brothers, Ruben(19), Devon(23) and Jamal(15) were brought up at a young age to fight, kill, defend and attack. To take the place of their parents as the best assassins. Mr Kingston (father) owns an academy to train teenagers to their best ability to take on anything and the Kingston’s train them. Their mother died in a house fire by the spite of her enemy who set it and Raven is determined to catch her killer with the help of the assassins. What happens when Raven falls for the son of her mothers killer.
2. Genre: Mystery
Aria Knightly enjoys the thrill of danger and mystery, finding out the deadliest secrets and hidden crimes by people you would never expect. When Aria joins Greendale High school, her passion is fulfilled as the high school lurks with lies and secrets Aria is determined to find out.

These are the story ideas, they’re ok but there is a lot of room for improvement. If you are going to give me a story idea, these are the things that i would like you to suggest. Please don’t make your story idea cliche.

  • Important
  • Diversity
  • A male lead maybe(something original)
  • Comedy
  • LGBTQ choices

:wilted_flower:Thank you so much for ur time in replying and reading this, rlly appreciate the help


In my opinion I’d really want to read your second story, one cause its unique and seems quite interesting, two I don’t think I’ve ever read a story like that and im quite intrigued now to find out what happens

The second one sounds really good, the first one sounds almost exactly like Venomous.

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I can kinda see you combining these two. Maybe the MC can be the killer’s son and his love interests are his enemy Raven and possibly his best friend Aria. Aria’s discovered some secrets within the assassin world and the 3 (6 with Raven’s brothers maybe?) are trying to solve different mysteries. Aria could fall for one of Raven’s brothers too?
Aria is a sleuth, some say nosy, she’s great at solving puzzles and notices when things are “off”.


Oh shoot.

That’s actually a really cool idea.

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Omg, i would’ve never thought of such a creative idea. Thank you :grin:

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Oh lol I didn’t know Venomous had a similar story line. Thanks for the advice :heart:

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You’re welcome :purple_heart:

Which character style should I use and why :woman_shrugging:t5:
when limelight was released i didn’t like it because it seemed rushed but now its so much more better than ink, Episode has improved it A LOT. But Ink is an OG. Which one?

Pros of LL
:wilted_flower: More clothes
:wilted_flower: Nicer clothes
:wilted_flower: Beautiful characters
:wilted_flower: Now has more animation
:wilted_flower: Diversity

Cons of LL
:wilted_flower: Animations don’t show a lot of emotions
:wilted_flower: Very few ‘limb’ overlays, e.g arms, hands, fingers
:wilted_flower: Less fighting animations
:wilted_flower: Weird looking fighting animations

Pros of INK
:wilted_flower: Funnier emotions
:wilted_flower: More fighting options
:wilted_flower: More expressions
:wilted_flower: More ‘relevant’ clothing e.g police, firefighter …
:wilted_flower: Wayy more ‘limb’ overlay
:wilted_flower: Easier to animate

Cons of INK
:wilted_flower: Less clothes
:wilted_flower: Less appearance options
:wilted_flower: Older
:wilted_flower: No more updates

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Honestly, whatever fits into your story more. :woman_shrugging:, I know people who could care less.


I think you should go for the character style that, in your opinion, would show the most of your story. if you think, that in INK you can do it better (show all the emotions etc in action) than in LL then why not. For example, I don’t care about the style, if the story is interesting starting from the first chapters, then it really doesn’t matter :wink:


@AMagic @7sins True, some readers might prefer a certain style over another but thank you for the advice :heart:


Ink is more original In my opinion Limelight is just a small upgrade from classic, no hate tho

I personally think the second idea is soo unique and so interesting and you should definitely write it! As for the first one, there are of course thousands of stories, that have the same background story and sometimes they also end the same. Which is ok btw! But if you really like those kind of stories, then you should really think of a different ending and different other things you could do. If I come up with some ideas, I’ll let you know! If you’re Interested!:two_hearts:

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