Story ideas i guess?

let’s help each other or and post some story ideas for other people to get ideas from! i’ll start:

Drama: You’re MC is a lawyer and the best at her job for that, until she meets her main love interest, a master mind criminal who made a mistake just a little too big

Romance: You’re MC has finally achieved her goal of getting a decently paid job until she meets her horrible boss, and his charming son, will she survive or will his son make it more bearable?

Comedy: After years of no luck with love, you’re determined to find it, so what do you do pack your stuff up change your name and become a tinder girl

Mystery: Every crime has its answer, but not this one, you’re LA’s best detective and have never left a case unfinished but you can’t seem to quite finish this one

Fantasy: In a land of magical beings you’re the only one without magic, but when a power hungry King comes and takes the magic away from everyone causing them to become weak you’re the only hope, only to find out that you had magic all along, and the strongest at that

Oof i hopes these help at least get ideas going i know some are a bit typical haha x


Let's Make Up...Stories - #2 by FallenAngelNight13

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what do you mean haha

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There is already a topic on this.

oh sorry, i’ve just started using the forums again :woman_facepalming:t2: