Story ideas I have


I love vampire stories but the stories are always a bunch of guys fall for one girl. Why can’t it be a bunch of vampire girls fall for one boy. Or have 1 vanmpire girl the MC and she acts normal and falls for a human and turns him.

Why isn’t there many stories where a girl is a player bad girl type and she starts to turn good when she meets a sweet shy boy and she asks him out first says she loves him first. Drives to his house to pick him up for their date and she even brings him flowers randomly. And she even opens the car door for him and drives them there. Yeah is younger brother makes fun of him for getting flowers from his GF. Like she wears the pants in the relationship :joy::joy:


I love the reverse gender roles one! Normally the whole romantic thing makes me wanna throw up, but a girl bringing flowers to her boyfriend seems so sweet.


It does :joy::joy:


Why don’t u make a story out of ur idea it sounds good


I’m writing a story like that. Except its about a bunch of super-heroes- (kind of) The guy looks tough on the outside, and soft on the inside. His* specialty is coding. He’s understanding and sweet and falls for the MC first, but then she declines- THEN they get together eventually. Idk I’m still working out the details. Still working out how to write romance bc I’ve never written it before. :sweat_smile: