Story ideas? Let me know

I’ve been wanting to create a story for years but have had wayyy too many ideas and can’t pick just one. What genre do you think would be best for a first story??

Also, the Episode Interactive website confuses me and the programming is difficult lmao

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Don’t go cleche

Make your story original and your own. Maybe a romance or drama. Something everyone will love.

But not anything cleche like pregnancy

Yea i wanted to make a story different from the mafia/vampire/teen pregnancy cliche

That’s a great idea something a little different

Just don’t make it too cleche, if you need any help with dialogue just send me a message

How about a folklore story. Create an epi-folklore creature with a backstory. It can be a romance or a thriller. It could be a comedy too.

honestly nobody can realy tell you - because everybody is different… first of all look what kind of stories you like, what films you like…if you do not like romnce but love detective stories it wll be probbly for you more natural to write detective story. So the genre you shoud choice based n this - there is nothing good or bad on any genre.

And regading the cliche - I am not strictly telling you ot to do it…most of epsode stories are some what cliche and people do read it anway…so it is more up to oyu if you want to be realy original or will go bit cliche…honestly even if you try sooner or later you will probably have some cliche in story anyway. So do not kill yourself with trying to be original.

Check this thread I made out! Maybe u like some of them

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