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So, I have this idea, of a normal girl, and there is a lottery, which her sisters enter her in like loads, so she wins, but I am not sure what she wins, I have three ideas:

  1. she becomes the prince’s mistress, not sure, might be too sexual.
  2. she becomes this handmaiden, who is going to give birth to the new prince, who will be the son of the current prince, and will be the heir to the throne.
  3. She becomes a lady, given money, land, and transformed with lessons, and has a connection with prince
    Which one should I go with? Or any suggestions? All ideas welcome

I think the first option is usual but maybe the second or third ones are better

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Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it, I think I am gonna go with the third one, as I like that the most.

I think the third one is the best one

What genre are you looking for?

I am going for a romance genre, with possibly, including some adventure, as the main theme is royalty, there is the possibility, to include adventure with enemies.

I like the third one best because as you said the first might be too sexual, I kind of think the same with the second in terms of might be problematic in terms of the role it leaves her with but I really like the third idea! Love the idea of it being an adventure and a romance, too

Thanks for your advice, as this is my fifth attempt at writing an episode story, so i am really grateful to receive this advice.

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i prefer the third. the first is a bit generic and the second kinda has that cliche “pregnant MC” sorta thing.

Thanks, I think receiving a census from lots of different people has helped me decide on what story line I should lead with.

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