Story ideas needed! <3

Hi, can anyone give me some action and romance ideas, please? Like a “criminal romance” idea, thank you everyone, have a gr8 day <3

-opens up big bag of loose writing prompts- Idk if any of these strike your fancy, most of them are some level of dystopian because that’s how I roll lol. Let me know if you want one for yourself and I’ll take it off the list.

Here they are

“Equal but separate” is the law of our country. Citizens from different ethnic groups are forbidden from intermarrying. The genetic control officers will know if we break the law. Are he and I worth fighting for? (Some suggested plot points: MC and/or LI are unfaithful to their state-approved partner who isn’t necessarily a bad person, state-approved partner might support them or not, MC and LI have to run away to the lawless outside or another, maybe worse society)

You grew up in a small Mennonite community, living simply, the most complex machine you owned being a tractor. You’d sometimes envied those outside, with their brain implants that could access all human knowledge as easily as thinking it. Until, that is, the implants are hacked. (Additional suggestions: It doesn’t have to be Mennonite/Amish if you’re uncomfortable with Christian MCs, it could just be parents who don’t trust new tech or are way too poor to afford it. Suggested plot points: those with hacked implants become violent, LI could be another community member or someone with a faulty implant, MC could have doubts about saving the world or going back to her isolated home, they search for the hacker’s signature to find their identity or location)

You were born outside of the Gate. Because of your deformity, you were cast aside by those who keep a tight control on the country’s resources. But [boy’s name] isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. Are you? (“Deformity” can be any disability you’re comfortable writing about and can incorporate into the plot, or otherwise just skin colour, eye colour, or a scar or something. Maybe the MC can pass for ‘elite’ and has to train and sneak inside the Gate to sabotage it from inside.)

You are chosen to participate in a game organised by an eccentric billionaire. You are given a credit card with a five-million-dollar limit. There are nine other players somewhere in the city, and you know the names, faces, and addresses (and maybe locations?) of all of them. Last one alive receives five hundred million as a prize. Don’t want to play? That’s too bad, the game has already begun. (MC could play the game to win, or find some way to stop the game)

Either way, happy writing! :wave:

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