Story ideas needed...(CREDIT)

So… I want to start writing again but I don’t have ideas…
Can someone give me some?
I perfer write in comedy,romance and mystery/Horror

Thank you all!


I can help you if you need ideas! Do you have any preference? Some subplot that you like?

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I would like any plot

Have you tried googling writing prompts? I do that sometimes when I’m stuck. Even if I don’t like any of them, it helps get my thought process started when I’m really stuck.

Let’s see… I can do mystery/horror but I’m really bad at romance :sweat_smile:


•Plot idea 1:
A group of kids hunts a town. They go around the city, knocking at the doors and ask them to help them find their parents. However, when someone open up, the person mysteriously disappears.
•Plot idea 2
While her life was going as bad as it could be, the MC expresses in front of the mirror the desire of getting everything she without any effort. While in the beginning her dreams seem to become true, she’ll soon realize that every desire she expresses has a downside. (Like if she says that she wants to become rich, a big sum of stolen money will appear in her bank account and the police will look for her)


u can check out my thread if u want to.

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Love the first one!!
How can I credit you?

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Don’t worry! No credits needed!

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