Story idea's needed


Here are some ideas (no credit needed)! Anyone can take 'em.

  • The MC has a crush on their best friend but is afraid to tell them. What happens when they discover their best friend may like them back?
  • Making friends as an adult is hard. Having a relationship is even harder. When the MC joins an online dating platform, they find themselves wrapped up in drama when they match with two very cute people!
  • Five years after the death of the MC’s father, their family is a mess. Their older brother won’t speak to them, their sister has moved abroad, and their mother has a new boyfriend. Sometimes, it seems the only person the MC can turn to is their friend…who also happens to be their crush.
  • The MC, an innocent flower uwu, has attracted the affections of ten mafia leaders, all of whom claim to be the baddest boi of New York! Now the MC is caught up between 10 LIs and a bad boi competition. Will New York live to see another day? (Mafia parody inspired by passively browsing Reddit.)
  • The history teacher just wanted to do a reenactment to keep the students engaged. He didn’t mean for them to take it so seriously…or for everyone to somehow get dressed up as people from different time periods. Worse, he isn’t sure the students see it as a game anymore. Chaos ensues. (Don’t use real historical figures cuz Episode guidelines.)
  • The MC starts questioning their sexuality when they realize they don’t experience much more than simple crushes. Can they navigate a world that pressures them into a relationship while finding the courage to be themselves?
  • He didn’t mean to fall for the prince of his kingdom’s sworn enemy. This could be the key to mending the rift between their lands…or pushing tensions to the brink.
  • Someone has killed the CEO of Epi Enterprises, and the MC are tasked with solving the case. Will they be able to find the killer before anyone else gets hurt?
  • An old letter sends the MC on a quest to solve a murder from the 19th century. Things get complicated when someone close to them dies…in the same way as the victim from the murder over 150 years ago.
  • The MC is determined to steal the world’s most expensive jewel, but the only team they can pull together is a band of idiots. To make matters worse, their biggest rival (and the love interest) is also going after the jewel. (This prompt also works for comedy.)
  • A foreign government may be producing a superweapon, and it is up to the MC (a spy) to find out what it is and stop it before it is too late.
  • The MC keeps receiving letters from Gerald Lennon. The problem? Gerald Lennon died in 1917, over a hundred years ago.
  • Strange things keep happening in the town of Winter’s Keep. As the deaths start adding up, the MC must find out what is haunting the town…and why.
  • The MC keeps seeing visions of a specter wherever they go. At first, they believe it to be a ghost haunting them for some past misdeed. But ghosts do not have the power to multiply, and the shouldn’t have the ability to kill people…
  • The elves are at war, one of the human chiefs has gone missing, and a strange and deadly sickness is sweeping the land. A young half-elf finds themselves at the center of chaos when they discover they may be the key to calming the storm…because they are the first magic-user anyone has seen in centuries.
  • A woman with mysterious powers asks the MC, a mechanic, for help. The MC then finds themselves swept into a world of shadow creatures, werebears, and dark mages as the line between the mortal and magical realms starts to tear apart.
  • In a desperate attempt to stop interstellar war, the MC is sent as part of a diplomatic mission to an enemy planet. With the lives of billions hanging in the balance, will they be able to stop a war…especially now that they are being held prisoner?
  • Aliens exist, and they’re into cybernetics. Sharing their technology with humans shouldn’t have been a problem, but one upstart advisor has put the two civilizations on the brink of war. It doesn’t help that the MC is falling for one of these aliens…and the upstart advisor is their father.

Ahh ty ty :heart_eyes:

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I feel kinda badly cause I forgot to include adventure, but hopefully these ideas help!

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