Story Ideas (PLEASE HELP)

I really need help with story ideas. I have thought of many but I just can’t start without deleting it and starting again!

u can check out my thread if you want or search up story prompts to get some ideas.

Well, first, what’s your favorite genre?


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I prefer fantasy. It’s going to be like an action-thriller fantasy with soulless vampires , magic and etc. I hate the basic bad boy vampire and cute college/high school girl stereotype. I wanted the story to be unique and emotional with heartbreak , anger and sorrow. I’m not sure whether to do it in medieval times because nowadays is seems to make more sense in my mind. I think I’ll probably add flashbacks to the past for vampires or immortal creatures. Thank you for answering.

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Why not make a story about the first creatures and call it “Things in the Dark”?

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