Story ideas Please help

Hi I really want to write a story but I have no ideas so far any ideas please help

Well, it depends.
What genre are you interested in?


Definitely don’t do bad boys, their so generic And unoriginal


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how about a girl acts fake the whole relationship and the guy starts to get bored, but when she can’t keep up the lies she reveals her everyday self and he falls in love with that one.


Ooooh I love it bae :heart_eyes:


thanks :slight_smile: I hope she likes it too!


How about a robot girl who’s unfamiliar with human emotion, until she meets someone worth feeling for. Someone she loves, and realizes she’s more human than she thought.


Yes thank you

Yes thank you girl

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Awww that is a beautiful idea!

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This concept of her keeping up a facade is really good - I’d love if there was a backstory to her acting in this way, maybe during the beginning you could show an event that has caused her to act this way.

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Omg yes

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Any name ideas :bulb:

thanks! I might develop it myself.

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for which idea?


Carleigh (pronounced Carly)

Title name could be something as simple as the character’s name or (god this is cheesy but something like Whole Again?)

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