Story Ideas please!

So I want to write a new story called “Autumn” it’s about a girl called Autumn and her life is boring at first but then changes completely. Only thing i don’t know what happens to her life! I’m looking at either drama, fantasy, or mystery. Anyone got any ideas? :thinking:

I guess it depends on the genre of your story. If you wanna go romance and super cliche then what happens is she meets a guy, then there’s always the family member dying or remarrying someone with a hot son cliche. I love reading these stories though - if they’re done well and have their own spin on them. But they are overdone so if you want to do something new and original, what about something like:

  • She becomes a spy

  • She discovers she has a twin she didn’t know about

  • Magical powers

  • Accidentally caught up in a gang

  • Conspiracy revealed that she or someone she is close to is not actually who they appear to be

  • (Realises she’s LGBTQ+ !)

Don’t know if any of these ideas are your cup of tea, hope there’s something here that’s useful to you!


Oooo I like it! I liked the idea of er finding out she has a twin and the one on magical powers, if you can could you give more depth on them? As you can see I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to new stories :joy:

Oh, glad you like it! This is the bit where I wish I had actually thought about any of those ideas before just listing them out.

Of course, you would have to flesh them out and make them unique to you and your story. I’d expect you’d find it easier writing your own idea but for the twin thing, you gotta love when someone she knows approaches the twin thinking it’s her, both characters become utterly confused before the friend realises this is not in fact Autumn and the whole thing is revealed. Or, for instance, you could have her get arrested or something for something her twin did (though that might be a bit extreme). As for the reason she doesn’t know her twin exists… have you ever watched Pretty Little Liars? Your storyline might end up a bit twisted.

As for magical powers, wow that could be anything. What springs to mind is The Enchantress on Episode - check it out - where she slowly develops a kind of power from a flower. You can really do anything with magical powers though, I’m sure you could come up with something!


Thank you so much!! This helped tons, I owe you :blush:

No problem! Glad I could help.

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Gets hit in the face by a falling star that turns out to be some hazardous waste, giving her and two other girls superpowers. OH! LOOK! Powerpuff girls!

  • Death of a rich family member who blesses her with a will that gives her EVERYTHING.
  • Finds a secret life underground that ends up being a utopia of some sort.
  • Sighs up for a role to visit a new planet in space that has life on it. Oh! Cool! Blue people with spears!
  • Enters a club that is a universe splitter. Imagine four girls - winter, AUTUMN, spring, and summer - who slips into a world that makes them goddesses of the seasons.
  • Autumn taps into magical gifts like Matilda?
  • Gets suck into magical bs because she bumped into the wrong guy, who just so happen to be a god in hiding…or angel, demon, creature…thing…in hiding.
  • Get sucked into agent bs because mom never told you that your dad was apart of the angel agency crap thing and she is important so people try to kill her.

Amazing!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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She dies but shes not dead lol

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People have given you some great suggestions on this post!

Please feel free to check out my thread for a little inspiration too!

Ooooo okay, thanks!!

You’re welcome lol

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