Story ideas pls I'm in panic

So I want to create a new story after my first one flopped XD.

The genre should be romance and maybe mystery and drama.

I don’t want my story to be like everything else you see on this app. But there will be some mainstream touches in some scenes. I’d be so thankful for story ideas. :innocent: Thanks for reading :sweat_smile::ok_woman:t3:


I’d love to help but unfortunately I don’t have any good ideas tat I’m no already using

But I will tell you if I think of any

I don’t really have an idea but I know how you can develop characters.

1.Put your playlist on shuffle

2.The first song describes the main character

3.The second one describes the love interest

4.The third one describes there relationship

From there on you have character personalities and traits which have choices and consequences that can create a plot.

If you need an actual plot though just PM me. Can’t let anyone steal any ideas :joy::relaxed:


Holy shit, that’s such a cool technique!!!


Hehe thank you. After a few months of writers block you start making weird ways to create ideas. :joy: :sweat_smile:

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Tell me about it :joy: I found myself trying out such weird things when I bumped into my own writer’s block!

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