STORY IDEAS *Plz drop them here


I want ideas for my episode story please comment some ideas (you can take ideas to)


Ok. What about a girl who needs a husband to get this new job. She panics but then thinks of an idea. She asks her guy friend to be her fake husband. At first it’s just like she’s using him. But what happens when she actually falls in love with him?


What about a spy-school (?) where is needed to complete a real mission as the final exam to graduate, but they have to do it as a couple.
Two future spies get paired together, they’d be the perfect match (One is strong in a thing and weak in the other, the other balances being good in a thing where they’re weak, stuff like that.) if not for the fact that one of them is shy and socially awkward, while the other is impulsive and “has no time for this bullshit.”

But I swear, try to make the impulsive one a cliché bad girl/boy and I’m gonna hunt you in your dreams.


Tell me more about this pm me I want to use this one…Thank you!!


Thank you for commenting ! Any other ideas?


Your welcome. What does pm me mean?


I have, like, a whole notebook of ideas.


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I have a list of story ideas in my notes, i dont think i’ll be able to write this well but if you’re up to it go by all means

An alien attack on their school leaves them the only kids left, but left them like a ghost to the whole world. The only way to break this ghost spell is find the rest of their school.


basically message me on episode, simply click my name “Slaydxddy53” and press message


Great just message me!!


message me , tell me more ideas!!