Story Ideas Plz!

I really need a story/plot idea. Lately I haven’t found a plot idea that really “works” for me. I want it to be something within a romance because I absolutely love writing them!


  • I need an idea that has a really strong plot and will keep people reading (but no matter what every plot is taken into consideration)!

  • I would like the character idea (like age and their career) to be about under 25, but the limit is 30!

  • I want art scenes to be used, you can give preferred artists! (Be WARNED: I DO NOT have Instagram so any artists on Instagram will not be available to me!

  • I would really love if it could be authentic, originall, and kind of realistic.

  • Though I am asking for ideas I am not looking for a writing partner! (But if you need one or want one I can help just PM)

  • Supernatural, mystery, and romance are preferred genres though I don’t really care what genre you pic.

  • If you want I will run the whole plot by you, characters, anything else.

  • Any characters you want for sure in the story will gladly be taken! (afterall it is you’re idea)

  • Please, I beg of you, NOT TOO MANY CLICHES I will take some though :grin: :joy:

I will give credit!

I feel like I’m being mean right now, I’m sorry. :sob: Please forgive me and lend you’re ideas! I mean if you made it through to this part! :joy:

Thank you!

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A toy car leading to magical journeys for a group young adults—

Idk I just looked around my house :joy:

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:joy: Lol Sakura! What color? XD

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For the toy car?




But a galaxy kinda themed toy car sounds cool to me—


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Lol, okay! Any other ideas, besides toy cars! (I’m totally not pointing fingers) cough Sakura cough cough

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eXcUsE yOu mY iDeA wAs :infinity: oUt oF tEn

A magical drawer in the fantasy world that leads to the human world and has a group of mortals discovering the supernatural being—

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Lol, okay, sorry Sakura! :joy: And thanks for the idea, I might twist it a bit though.

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mHm yOu bEtTeR bE

Jk :joy:

And alright, it’s your plot so :ok_hand:

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so you baiscly want someone to make the story for you?


No, I just need an idea. But if they have certain things they want in the story I can add them.