Story Ideas/Recommendations?

I’ve been thinking of a story for many months now, but I can’t seem to really think of certain good scenes, so if anyone can give me ideas for those, I’d really appreciate it.

Overall, I was thinking about starting with some sort of backstory that helps illustrate how smart and adventurous the main character is, and at the end she dies, which technically starts the story. In the story there’ll be three worlds, and two of them kind of symbolize Hell and Heaven, and the other one symbolizes, like, in between, I guess. So my idea was that the main character was supposed to get in Heaven, but instead she was sent in Hell, and her conflict is trying to escape. No one has escaped Hell before, so trying to escape was already a very dangerous idea. In the end, the main character escapes and has become a very popular name in the afterlife.

The main character will be a nineteen year old female who is very smart, clever, adventurous, and mentally strong. She will have two major flaws which are that she’s innocent and she constantly overthinks things, so she gets anxious quite often. She is also really pretty which isn’t allowed in Hell, so she’s forced to wear a mask there at all times.

I kind of just want ideas for the backstory and maybe some ideas for the main story in general. For example, should the main character try to escape by herself, with a few close friends, or with a big group of people? Another example is should the backstory be really sad, or upbeat until the main character dies, or in between, or something else? One thing I should mention is that I don’t really want the main character to have a love interest, as I find that that kind of shifts some of the attention away from the main character, and I don’t find that to be necessary anyway.

In addition, if there’s something that you think could make the story better based off of my idea that I shared, let me know too.

Omg that’s so cool I would defo read! I think that the MC should escape in a small group or even just another person as only having the one can make the story less interesting as she’s just talking to herself all the time or talking through the narration bubble. I wouldn’t particularly make it a large group though… if it were me, I’d probably decide on the MC and 2 other characters which she kinda meets along the way and each of them can have an interesting background story too which kind of all link together (like one of them died as a consequence of the other dying or because of the others past decisions/ mistakes if that makes sense.)

It sounds absolutely amazing and will definitely read when you publish it :sparkling_heart:

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Whoa, that sounds like a great idea! Thanks so much! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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