Story ideas what you think?

  1. Story idea
    you have a big obsessed over cats what happens would you turn into one? or you love working at your job as a vet and you love animal’s what happends when the world of collides humans into animal’s. This story will be mostly about readers choices it’s mostly about what the reader does and what they want. You create your own named and play a male or a female and no love interest because this story is dedicated to all cats lovers like me wanna be apart of the animals universal?
    Which one sounds better the first one or second one and which makes sense about the first story?

Story idea 2.
Breaking boundaries
Noelle is a badass who is currently a cheerleader she lives in California and she goes to school out there. She loves to cheer and is very passionate about it. But her heart is also into football to she enjoys watching football games with her Dad before he died of an heart attack last year. She doesn’t show her emotions she is fearless independent and a feminist. She loves to play sports and she is into guys and girls. You will have to choose who to date males or females
The mc is a bisexual.

Don’t steal my ideas :angry:

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Story 1

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Considering this episode and they don’t have any cat characters, the first idea might be hard to write.

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Maybe you should make a poll

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The second one is only telling me a description about the character and not the plot/story line.


I know they don’t but I use alot of cat overlays and try to make the characters looks like a cat

What do u think of second story idea?
Well that is the plot

That’s not a plot. Does she have a rivalry? Does a cheer competition get in the way of a big football game? A story is actual events, not just a mishmash of random details.

story 1 is intesresting and story 2 is also interesting

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She is trying to be on the boys football team and she has a rival with her love interest who is on the football.
She gets into more major events in her life and she gets into cheerleader rivalries with other school.

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Seven is another love interest who doesn’t think that girls should play and Dakota is another love interest she is more girly and feminine and she doesn’t think that girls should play football either.

The school is against girls playing football and think it should be a man’s school a very stereotypical school that she goes too

The first idea is about cats it’s world of cats that will turn into humans or the cats and humans will collaborate together meaning a lot of cat overlays and episode cat costumes which they should add more of.
You will know about each cat breeds and understanding the life of cats and many more pets.

So story idea 2 is better?

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