Story ideas with male MC?

I wanna make a story with a male MC, but the story I came up is poop :joy: So does anyone maybe have some story ideas for me? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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what did you have in mind?

Do you mean what did I come up with?

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I’m sure your idea was great :smile:

what genre did u want to do?

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My idea is honestly bad- its not worth explaining :disappointed:

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Im not sure

I think if you did explain it would give people more ideas to see what you like to write about


agreed. give a few keywords about what you would like to write about and we may be able to help you more.


maybe romance, uhh… action… fantasy maybe? Did yous want me to send my old idea?


Yeah! They sound like awesome genres :slight_smile:
Just post it here

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My Immortal:
After running away from his abusive dad, Erik reunites with his mom and siblings. And soon finds out why his mother left in the first place.

Thats the summary. But like the plot is. Where his mom left with the mc’s siblings and left the mc with his abusive dad for some reason. But then he ends up running away and reuniting with his mom and siblings. But she won’t tell him why she left when he asks her.

So when he goes to school, he meets the LI, and as they grow to get to know each other and the mc gets to know some of the other characters (specific ones) he knows something is up because they don’t make skin contact with him at all ya know?

Its fantasy obvi and i was thinking it would turn out to be that they’re immortals. (Not like vampires, just like humans that don’t age or die) and- Idk I didn’t know where to go from there… :grimacing:thanks for listening to my weird plot :see_no_evil::rofl:

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that’s doesn’t sound that bad although it’s very cliche


yeah I know :joy: thats why I made this thread for some ideas with a male mc

How about:

  • Once Erik discovers the truth of his family, he is forced to join an ancient feud between the most powerful families of another realm.

ill try and think of more ideas and post them here later

OOooh, and I’m thinking of turning it into a horror story… romance and fantasy arent really my writing area, more like my reading area

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i found this one on the internet and sounds pretty interesting:

Your character is a compulsive liar, unable to stop themselves from spinning tales that make them the envy of everyone around them. Then they wake up one day to discover that their lies have all come true…


oh wow, that actually sounds really interesting

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i suck at thinking about horror plots, but here’s a few prompts i found that sound interesting:

Your character’s significant other has always talked in their sleep; it’s nothing new. But when their voice changes and their words take a dark turn, your character can’t help but do some digging into why that is…and they don’t like what they find.

A man reads a novel, soon realising that the story is his very own — and according to the book, a killer is looming.